Dr Aaron aims for quality and value for his patients. The best approach to your treatment is to define your concerns and treatment goals, and to establish a budget. Dr Aaron will then work with you to determine the best means with which to achieve a great outcome.

Full quotes are only available following a consultation so that the amount of treatment required to achieve your goals can be determined.

Neurotoxin (Anti Wrinkle; Anti Sweat; Muscle Slimming)

Soften lines & prevent their progression. Stop sweat. Slim muscles & prevent teeth grinding.

  • Upper face lines (Frown & forehead; Crow’s feet), from $500.
  • Jaw slimming/Teeth grinding from $600.
  • Hyperhidrosis (Excessive armpit sweat) from $850.

Soft Tissue Dermal Fillers

Dr Aaron uses fillers that he has found give the best results to his patients.

Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Enhancement. Lip filler.

  • From $700.

The longevity of each dermal filler will vary between individuals.

Soft Tissue Biostimulator Fillers

New generation filler. Stimulates Type 1 Collagen.
Facial Rejuvenation and Cosmetic Enhancement.

  • From $900.

Injection Lipolysis (Fat Dissolving)

Double Chin Reduction.

  • From $1200 per treatment.

Thread Lifting

Silhouette Soft Threads. Lifts droopy tissue. Stimulates Type 1 Collagen.

Partial face.

  • From $3000.

Full face.

  • From $4000.

Face & Neck.

  • From $5000.


Online bookings are payable by card. If there are any difficulties, please send a message using the contact form located here and payment can be arranged over the phone to secure your booking.

Basic treatments can be paid after the procedure. For more comprehensive treatments, payment must be made prior to your procedure.

Treatment costs must be paid in full on the day of your treatment. Card facilities are available, and cash is accepted.

Discounts & Refunds

– Please review the ‘Policies‘ page for information regarding discounts and refunds.

Dr Aaron considers his consultation with you to be of the utmost importance. During your initial visit, you will have a full consultation to discuss your aesthetic goals, and to develop a treatment plan tailored to you.

Your Consultation

$200. This is redeemable against the cost of your treatment (With a price of at least $500), when treatment is performed during the same session.

You can expect the following during your time with Dr Aaron.

Finding Out About You

You will be welcomed into the clinic and meet Dr Aaron. After a friendly introduction, you will have a formal discussion regarding your general health and your previous experiences with cosmetic treatments.

Clinical Photography

Formal clinical photography of relevant treatment areas will be performed. This is essential in allowing Dr Aaron (And you) to have a point of comparison to review the effect of your treatment. Makeup will need to be removed for clinical photography.

Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Plan

Dr Aaron will discuss your concerns and treatment goals with you. Once establishing your expectations, you will have a comprehensive assessment to determine the most effective treatment to address your needs. Dr Aaron will work with you, considering your goals, time, and financial situation, to develop the best approach, tailored to you. Consultations are obligation free, and you will never feel pressured to proceed with treatment. Dr Aaron values providing an exclusive medical service, and has no interest in selling you treatments that are not suitable.


If time permits, and if Dr Aaron considers it appropriate, then treatment may be performed during your initial consultation. Most basic treatments can be done during your consultation.

Consultations are scheduled for half an hour to allow time for basic treatments.


Complementary follow-up appointments are offered, and are optional.