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Maybe it’s just a passing curiosity. Or maybe it’s something that’s always played on your mind. Perhaps it’s for those intimate moments, or perhaps you just want to finally do something for yourself and feel confident.

No matter what your reasons are, Dr. Aaron’s enlargement procedure is a proven medical treatment that can achieve impressive and long-lasting increases in the size of your penis.

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Did you know?

Approximately 60% of men are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their penis

Over the last 20 years, penis enlargement surgery has been surpassed in popularity by dermal filler injections to the penis. Penis fillers are an effective and no downtime solution for men looking to improve the size of their penis without invasive phalloplasty surgery.

The injectable penis enlargement is a simple procedure that uses dermal filler gel injections to achieve impressive increases in the size of your penis without surgery.

It is a no-downtime and essentially pain-free procedure that can be completed in under 30 minutes.

This alternative to penis enlargement surgery (phalloplasty) provides a proven means with which to increase the size of your penis without surgery.

Listen to enlargement expert Dr. Aaron Stanes discuss the non surgical penis enlargement.

So, what is the craze all about?

This treatment is becoming very common, and has been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, the ABC, The Project and many more popular magazines and news outlets.

Undoubtedly, it is all about the benefits of penis fillers, which include:

  • An immediate increase in flaccid and erect girth
  • Improvements in flaccid length (by reducing shrinkage)
  • Reduced severity of embarrassing shrinkage
  • Results lasting up to two to five years and beyond
  • Improvement in performance and confidence
  • Correction of penile asymmetry
  • Immediate results
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Everything you need to know about the non-surgical penis enlargement

Results that speak for themselves

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Key information about the non surgical penis enlargement (Click on each tab to read more):

What will happen during your penis enlargement procedure

It can be intimidating when you think about wanting to finally increase the size of your penis. Dr. Aaron understands that you may be feeling nervous, and will ensure you feel comfortable during your private and discrete appointment.

What to expect at your penile enlargement procedure appointment:

  • A comprehensive discussion about your concerns, expectations and size goals
  • You will be informed of the treatment process, the risks involved, what to expect after your treatment, and how to care for your new package
  • The area will be examined to ensure that the treatment can be performed safely
  • If you decide to proceed with the penile enlargement, the area will be extensively cleaned and then completely numbed with local anaesthetic, ensuring a pain-free treatment
  • Dermal filler will then be injected under the skin along the shaft using a blunt instrument known as a cannula
  • If required, the glans (or head) will also be injected with dermal filler to increase the size and reduce sensitivity
  • The area will again be extensively cleaned, and a bandage applied
  • You will be provided with aftercare instructions, and a prescription for some medications to ensure a quick recovery
  • You’ll need to adhere to after treatment massage to ensure a great result (instructions will be given during your appointment)

Penile enhancement with dermal fillers takes approximately 30 minutes, and you will see immediate results. You’ll need to wait a week or so before you are ready to get back in action, so you should take it easy during this time.

If there are any concerns, penis enlargements using HA dermal filler can be reversed, giving you peace of mind.

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What is the non surgical penis enlargement?

Dr. Aaron’s non-surgical penis enlargement is a simple, essentially pain-free, and effective medical treatment performed under strong local anaesthetic in equipped facilities in Melbourne.

Penis Enlargement, Increasing Girth and Length

Penis enlargements with Dr. Aaron Stanes use either a gel HA (reversible) filler or a collagen-stimulating filler.

Reversible HA dermal fillers use products that are similar to those used to cosmetically enhance the face. They give immediate results, are easy to reverse, and have results that can last 2-5 years or more. These fillers have been used to enlarge the penis for over two decades, have been extensively studied, and have an extensive safety record. They are the most preferred product to use in non-surgical penis enlargement treatments.

Collagen stimulating fillers can provide more pronounced  results compared to HA fillers. Unlike penis enlargements with HA fillers, the results cannot be reversed in the event of a cosmetic or medical complication. Therefore, caution must be exercised if deciding to proceed with a non-reversible option.

After completely numbing the penis with local anaesthetic, your filler of choice will be injected into the fatty tissue along the shaft of your penis. The fatty layer is found between the superficial and deep fascia and is accessed by creating a pilot hole with a tiny needle and inserting a small, blunt and hollow cannula through which the filler is injected. Placing filler in this fatty layer allows for smooth and even results. Generally, 10-20mls of filler are injected per session to achieve a thicker and more impressive penis.

Glans Enhancement (Penile Head Injections)

Injecting the glans penis is done with HA fillers to increase the size, and decrease sensitivity of the penile head. This is a treatment option for men suffering from premature ejaculation.

The injected fillers slightly compress the penis nerves responsible for an overly sensitive glans or head, prolonging the time to ejaculation. Sexual health medicine treatments for premature ejaculation may be disappointing. Glans injections with dermal filler may provide a solution for men who want to last longer in bed.

The following research articles discuss the results of using glans injections for premature ejaculation:

Important facts about penile thickening and non surgical penis enlargement injections:

  • Non surgical penis enlargement treatment is also known as penis filler, male enlargement injections, phalloplasty, penile thickening, and penile enhancement
  • The treatment uses injections of HA gel dermal filler or collagen stimulating injections to the penile shaft and head
  • Using filler for a penis enlargement without surgery can increase flaccid and erect girth or width, flaccid length, and improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation
  • The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, has almost no discomfort, gives immediate results, and has no significant downtime
  • Results can last 2-5 years on average, and the results can be maintained on an as needed basis
  • The results of HA filler enlargements can be fully reversed at any time

The non surgical penis enlargement is far more common than you may think. More and more men are increasing the size of their penis using dermal fillers. Some do it to spice up things in the bedroom, others just finally want to do something for themselves after working hard for others for so long.

No matter what your reason, Dr. Aaron Stanes is one of the most trusted and experienced providers of non-surgical penis enlargements using filler injections in Australia. He has penis enlargement clinics in Melbourne, Australia.

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Understanding your treaments

How dermal fillers can enhance the penis

Dermal filler injections are an effective way to enhance the penis in a number of ways. With minimal discomfort, essentially no significant downtime, and in under 30 minutes you can achieve impressive improvements in the size of your penis and your confidence.

Potential benefits of a non surgical penis enlargement:

  • Increase the girth and length of the flaccid penis
  • Increase the girth of the erect penis
  • Increase the size of the glans penis (the head)
  • Reduce sensitivity of the glans for men who suffer with premature ejaculation
  • Correct asymmetry and curvatures of the penile shaft

The size increases are dependent on how much dermal filler is used in your penis augmentation. For men wanting more impressive increases in their penis calibre, more dermal filler can be used. Furthermore, those men with a naturally larger penis will need more filler to achieve a proportional increase in penis calibre compared to men with a smaller penis.

Maintenance treatments can be done on an as-needed basis. The amount of filler you’ll need at your maintenance treatment will depend on how long it has been since your previous treatment, and whether you want further increases in the size compared to previous results.

Dr. Stanes ensures that the non-surgical penis enlargement is personalised to your size goals.

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The penis enlargement size guide

How much filler will I need to enlarge my penis?

When it comes to increasing the size of your penis with dermal fillers, there are three main factors that determine how much bigger the calibre of your penis will become.

Factors affecting your penis enlargement results:

  • The size of your penis before the treatment (length and girth)
  • The volume of dermal filler injected to augment the penis
  • How loose your penile skin is

Dermal filler generally comes in 1ml syringes. For each 1ml of dermal filler injected, the penis will increase in volume by 1ml. When extrapolating this to size, the increase per 1ml of filler will be determined by the current length and girth of your penis.

1ml of dermal filler will increase the size of a penis with a 4-inch girth more than it will increase one with a 5-inch girth.

1ml of dermal filler will increase the size of a penis with a 5-inch length more than it will increase one with a 6-inch length.

For a given amount of dermal filler, your size increase will be larger for the flaccid penis compared to the erect penis, as the filler is spread over a larger area when erect.

As an approximate guide, 20ml of HA filler will increase the girth of a penis with erect measurements of 13cm in length and 10cm circumference (girth) by 2.5cm (or 1 inch). Of course, this is only a guide, and actual size increases may vary.

Those with loose penile skin will require higher volumes to achieve a corresponding increase in size compared to men with tighter penile skin.

It is critical to not overfill the penis in one session as this increases the risk of asymmetry and lumps.

A staged approach allows for increased safety and precision with your results.

Graph: expected girth increase according to natural erect length and volume of filler injected.

Note: graph provides an estimate only.

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Make an informed decision

Why you must understand the approach to enhancing your penis without surgery

Enlarging the penis with dermal filler is simple in principle, but requires an in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology to perform with consistency and safety.

The penile shaft can be arranged into layers and compartments, with the deeper sections protecting the vital structures including the urethra, erectile tissue, blood vessels and nerves.

Closer to the skin, two thick bands of tissue known as fascia are separated by loose fatty tissue. It is in this fatty tissue ( layer 3. areolar tissue in the below diagram) layer that dermal filler can be injected to enlarge the penis. The glans, or head, can also be injected. This tissue is of different quality to the shaft. Correct placement of filler in the glans penis is important to ensure the best chance of a great outcome.

Precision is critical. Incorrect techniques can lead to damage of important penile tissues and increase the risk of complications.

Dr. Aaron Stanes is one of the most experienced penis enlargement doctors in the country and performs non-surgical penis filler enlargement in Melbourne. He has helped countless men achieve impressive improvements in the size of their penis with this in-office procedure that can be done with simple numbing injections in less than 30 minutes.

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Ensure you are informed

How long will the results from an injectable penis enlargement last?

The longevity of your penis enlargement results will depend on the quantity of filler used, and your innate biological characteristics. Over time, the dermal filler injected into the penis will be broken down by the body. The rate of filler breakdown is different for everyone, and so while longevity cannot be predicted or controlled, we can use scientific evidence to provide guides and estimates regarding how long your penis enlargement results may last.

The manufacturers of dermal filler state that the filler should be broken down by the body over 12-18 months, although newer evidence suggests that it may take up to 30 months.

This study of penis filler results showed that after 18 months, 96% of the initial gain in girth remained.

Repeat treatments may last longer due to the local production of collagen around the dermal filler. Maintenance can be performed on an as-needed basis.

Whilst rare, it is theoretically possible that the results will not last as long as expected, and accordingly, longevity cannot be guaranteed (although the probability is in the favour of long-lasting results).

Finally, you must allow for any post-procedural swelling that makes your results appear more pronounced than they actually are. Swelling may take even up to 6 weeks to fully subside. Resolution of swelling is not an indicator that the results haven’t lasted.

Most men find that they undergo a smaller maintenance treatment every 2-5 years.

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Determine your suitability

Penis enlargement injections in circumcised men

Penis filler is much more straightforward to perform in circumcised men. Having less and tighter skin over the shaft reduces the gliding mechanism of the penis when the skin is retracted and protracted. As the dermal filler used to enlarge the penis is placed under the skin, some of the filler will integrate with the deeper layers of the penile shaft skin. Those that have been circumcised find that the results are generally stable when both flaccid and erect. Furthermore, the treatment is technically easier for the practitioner to perform when there is less loose skin to manage.

Depending on the quality and type of circumcision performed, there may be a variable amount of scar tissue. This may increase the risk of slight irregularities of the enlargement toward the tip end of the penile shaft. While nothing can be done about the scar tissue, by using a reversible gel filler, small irregularities can be touched up very quickly.

Almost all circumcised men find their results excellent, and the satisfaction rate is very high. Minor touch-ups are very uncommon, but simple to perform if needed.

Penis enlargement injections in uncircumcised men

For uncircumcised men, there is slightly more variability with penis enlargement filler injections. During the procedure, the dermal filler will be injected beneath the skin. Some of this filler will inevitably integrate with the deeper layers of the skin. In uncircumcised men, the natural gliding action of the penile shaft means that there is much more mobility of the skin compared to circumcised men.

For those with shorter or tighter foreskins, this is not a significant consideration. Those with longer or loose foreskins, with significant gliding of the skin during erection have a chance of experiencing a phenomenon known as the accordion effect.

The accordion effect occurs in men with long or loose foreskins upon retraction of the skin to reveal the glans or penile head. As the skin moves down the shaft to the base, some of the filler will move with the skin. This can lead to a bunched appearance of the penis, with a circumferential bulge around the base of the penis where it joins to the pelvis. As the skin is moved back to cover the penile head, the bunching is no longer apparent.

Uncircumcised men, especially those with a longer or loose foreskin that persists when erect must appreciate that the accordion effect is always a possibility. While many men are not particularly bothered by this, rarely, one may find penetrative sex less satisfying (as the bunching may prevent full insertion of the penis). Uncircumcised men with short or tighter foreskins often only notice the very mild accordion effect, if any, and so are much less likely to experience this.

If you are concerned about the possibility of the accordion effect, then you may need to consider undergoing a circumcision. The Shang Ring method of circumcision is a simple and effective treatment that can be done in just a few minutes. Alternatively, if you decide to proceed with the treatment without a circumcision, using a reversible gel-based filler ensures that if the accordion effect occurs, and you find it bothersome, some or all of the filler can be dissolved. Finally, using higher quantities of filler can reduce the risk and severity of the accordion effect, by filling out the penile shaft skin, making it tighter and less mobile. Using conservative quantities initially is a great way to ‘test’ the likelihood of developing the accordion effect.

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Your Doctor

Dr. Stanes is an experienced provider of non-surgical penis enlargement treatments using dermal fillers.

Many men have trusted Dr. Aaron Stanes and are already experiencing the results of enlarging their penis using dermal fillers.

Dr. Aaron is a medical advisor for Teoxane, the manufacturer of the filler most commonly used for the penis enlargement treatment, giving him an unsurpassed edge in this procedure over his peers. He is also experienced in assisting in penis enlargement surgery, another significant advantage in performing non-surgical enlargements that other providers simply cannot match.

More so than any other treatment, it is vital to know and trust the doctor performing your penis enlargement procedure. When it comes to your enlargement, experience counts.

Choose the enlargement expert. Choose Dr. Aaron Stanes.

Dr. Aaron was recently interviewed by the Daily Telegraph regarding the rapidly growing number of men that are looking to inject fillers into their penis to make them bigger.

Experience impressive size gains with a non-surgical penis enlargement in Melbourne

Dr. Aaron Stanes is one of the most experienced non-surgical penis enlargement doctors in the country.

Are you looking to increase the size of your penis? Dr. Stanes uses only the best products and the most proven and safe techniques.

With comprehensive options to suit all size goals and preferences and fair pricing at the industry standard, you can experience the gold standard in non-surgical penis enlargement.

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Penis enlargement prices

Phone consultation

A convenient and discrete complimentary phone consultation between yourself and Dr. Aaron allows you the opportunity to understand the enlargement and how it can help you. All without having to come into the clinic.


Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment. Be suspicious of complimentary consultations.


Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Touch up treatments

In the very rare case of any issues with your enlargement, a reversal will be free of charge.


Reversible dermal filler

The primary package can be staged over 2-3 sessions.

Penis enlargement S package (6mls)

Expertly placed, premium TGA approved filler. The S package is ideal for men with a small penis who have never had treatment before.


Penis enlargement M package (10mls)

Expertly placed, premium TGA approved filler. The M package is ideal for men with an average-sized penis looking for a modest increase in size.


Penis enlargement L package (15mls)

Expertly placed, premium TGA approved filler. The L package is ideal for men with an average-sized penis looking for a more pronounced increase in size, or for men with a large penis looking for a modest increase in size.

The L package is often best performed over two sessions to ensure the best result is achieved.


Penis enlargement XL package (20mls)

Expertly placed, premium TGA approved filler. The XL package is ideal for men with a large penis looking for a more pronounced increase in size.

The XL package is often best performed over two sessions to ensure the best result is achieved.


Penis enlargement XXL package (25mls)

Expertly placed, premium TGA approved filler. The XXL package is ideal for men with a large penis looking for a more pronounced increase in size.

The XXL package is often best performed over two sessions to ensure the best result is achieved.


Penis enlargement glans/head

Increase the size of your glans, and improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation with expertly injected, premium TGA approved dermal filler. The average price for a glans augmentation is $1800 for 3.6mls of HA filler.

From $1800

Additional mls after primary treatment package

Additional filler

Maintain your enlarged package, or go bigger when you’re ready. The price of an additional enlargement treatment for those who have already been treated by Dr. Stanes is $500/ml of HA filler.


Choose the EXPERT in non-surgical penis enlargements in Melbourne

By booking with Dr. Aaron Stanes, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading non-surgical penis enlargement doctors.

Your safety and satisfaction are Dr. Aaron’s only concerns. Delivered in a discrete and professional environment, your enlargement journey will be an experience.

Dr. Stanes has a particular interest in male cosmetic treatments and enlargements. Don’t settle for second best with clinics that don’t cater comprehensively to men.

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  • Complimentary phone consults so you can get the information you need in the privacy of your own home
  • Comprehensive and private consultations to discuss your goals in detail
  • Personalised treatment plans to help you achieve impressive size increases
  • Treatments performed by Dr. Aaron Stanes. An expert enlargement doctor who has specific training in this procedure and has performed countless cases
  • Only the highest quality dermal fillers and most proven techniques used for your enlargement
  • Complimentary follow up appointment to review your results

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Frequently Asked Questions About Penis Enlargements

What is the normal size of a penis?

Penis size may vary significantly depending on a number of variables.

After measuring more than 15 000 men, urology researchers based in the UK found the following average penis sizes:

Flaccid length: 9.2cm/3.7 inches

Flaccid circumference/girth: 9.3cm/3.75 inches

Erect length: 13.1cm/5.25 inches

Erect circumference/girth: 11.7cm/4.7 inches

Read the research paper summary here.

Can I fly in to have a penis enlargement with Dr. Aaron?

Yes, you can fly in for your treatment.

Dr. Aaron recommends your initial treatment, and then a follow-up appointment after 5-7 days, at which time you can have further filler if required.

You should avoid flying home for the first 48 hours after your follow-up appointment.

Is it normal to want to increase the size of my penis?

Studies show that up to 60% of men have concerns over the size or shape of their penis. Many have tried non-medical options such as pills and potions, or traumatic pumps that have only led to pain and disappointment. More and more men are discovering the reliability and satisfaction in the confidence that comes with a non-surgical penis enlargement procedure.

Who is the non-surgical penis enlargement for?

A bespoke non-surgical penis enlargement by Dr Aaron is suitable for adult men of all backgrounds, beliefs and preferences, with penises of all manners of shapes and sizes. If you are looking to do something for yourself, looking for a confidence boost, or looking to improve bedroom satisfaction, then this treatment could be just what you’ve been looking for. A penis enlargement procedure by Dr Aaron is suitable for men who:

  • Want to treat themselves or who are looking for a confidence boost.
  • Are looking to improve the appearance of their penis that may require aesthetic correction due to trauma, surgery, medical conditions, or with congenital abnormalities.
  • Would like to boost their (and their partner’s) performance and satisfaction in the bedroom.
Who is a suitable candidate for the non-surgical penis enlargement?

To be a suitable candidate for the non surgical penis enlargement you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age.
  • In good health, and not be living with any chronic or long standing illnesses.
Is a non-surgical phalloplasty with fillers right for me?
This procedure is suitable for adult men who have concerns about the size of their penis, or who lack confidence in the bedroom. Many men have successfully addressed their insecurities with the non-surgical penis enlargement procedure. There is also evidence showing that glans augmentation can improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the head of the penis.
Does it matter if I am circumcised or uncircumcised?

Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can have non-surgical penis enlargement. Uncircumcised men generally need more conservative treatments, and accordingly staging may be more appropriate. This is to reduce the risk of filler settling in the foreskin.

Can I have a non-surgical penis enlargement if I've already had penis enlargement?

Most men who have previously had a penis enlargement procedure can supplement their results with non-surgical penis enlargement. There are a few exceptions, such as those who have self-injected or had permanent fillers to augment the size of the penis. This is to avoid a risk of infection and inadvertent interaction between the previously injected permanent filler, and the reversible filler used by Dr Aaron.

Can a non-surgical penis enlargement help with Peyronie's?

Non-surgical penis enlargement can safely help correct asymmetry due to Peyronie’s.

Can dermal filler to the glans (head of the penis) help with premature ejaculation?

Yes, dermal filler to the glans can both increase the size of the head of the penis and improve how long you last in bed.

Some comprehensive studies have shown impressive results in treating premature ejaculation with filler injections to the head of the penis.

Three-six ml of precisely placed hyaluronic acid dermal filler in the glans (penile head) can significantly improve lasting time.

You can read more about the studies on using filler for premature ejaculation here:

Who will perform my penis enlargement?

Your penis enlargement will be performed by Dr. Aaron Stanes, a registered medical doctor trained internationally in cosmetic medicine, and mentored by one of the Asia Pacific’s most renowned penis enlargement (phalloplasty) surgeons.

How does the penis enlargement procedure work?

Dermal fillers are injected into the shaft of the penis to increase the volume, and therefore the girth. The head of the penis (glans) can also be treated to increase the size. There is usually a slight increase in length when flaccid. Results generally last years and will vary from person to person. Anaesthetic is used so that the procedure is almost pain-free.

How much filler will I need to enlarge my penis?

The amount of filler will depend on the size of your manhood before the procedure, as well as your goals. It will also depend on whether your treatment plan involves augmentation of the head of the penis in addition to the shaft. The average treatment uses between 10 and 15mls of hyaluronic acid filler to increase to size and thickness of the penile shaft, and between 3 and 5mls of filler to augment the head or glans.

What can I expect during my consultation?

Your detailed consultation is one of the most important steps in your treatment journey. Getting in touch for a consultation is often the biggest and most challenging step in the process.

Dr. Aaron is here for you every step of the way. He has helped countless men through their enlargement journey and understands that it can be hard to open up about your concerns. He recognises the importance of discretion and privacy.

Dr Aaron will take the time to get to know you, understand your concerns, and appreciate your goals. He will guide you through the process of the procedure, and outline what to expect in incredible detail.

Your understanding is Dr Aaron’s priority, and you will be given ample time to clarify your understanding of the treatment and ask any questions you may have. Dr Aaron encourages his patients to write down their questions before attending their appointment to ensure everything is covered to their complete satisfaction.

What happens during my non-surgical penis enlargement treatment?

Two to three days before coming in for your treatment, you will need to trim your pubic hair. This ensures the area is clean and easily visible. Following a recap on the details of the treatment and aftercare, the area will be marked with a small pen to ensure absolute precision.

Your skin will be cleaned with strong antiseptics to reduce the risk of infection. Numbing agents will then be used to ensure you don’t feel a thing. Once numb, a tiny needle will be used to create a small entry point where a blunt cannula can be introduced under the skin. Dermal fillers are then injected evenly around the shaft to increase the size of your penis. Finally, the glans (or ‘head’) may be injected with filler if this is part of your treatment plan. The dressing will then be applied, and you will be provided with a prescription for antibiotics.

Is a non-surgical penis enlargement painful?

Dr Aaron’s approach to non-surgical penis enlargement ensures that there is almost no pain during your procedure. A strong anaesthetic is used to fully numb the area using tiny needles, and a custom strong topical anaesthetic can also be used if needed.

How soon can I have another treatment?

You can have another treatment after a minimum of seven days, as long as you have fully healed from your last treatment.

Is the penis enlargement procedure safe?

Non-surgical penis enlargement and penile thickening with fillers is a very safe procedure when performed by an appropriately trained and experienced medical doctor.

What are the potential side effects?

The main side effects of non-surgical penis enlargement are redness, swelling and bruising and these are all treatable with ice packs. There is a small risk of asymmetry and small areas of aggregation of the filler. As the dermal filler used to thicken the penis is reversible, if asymmetry is to occur, it is very simple to correct. Serious side effects from a phalloplasty with dermal fillers are rare and include inflammatory reactions to the filler (where the body recognises the filler as foreign material) and infections. The risk of other side effects from penile thickening and glans augmentation can be significantly reduced by practising good techniques and deploying evidence-based treatment and aftercare protocols.

When will I notice results from my non-surgical penis enlargement?

You will notice the results of your treatment immediately. As the filler settles and integrates with your natural tissue, results tend to improve over two to four weeks.

What if my results wear off faster than expected?

The far majority of men find that their enlargement results last for a long time.

Extremely rarely, some men break down dermal fillers faster than others due to faster metabolisms.

Unfortunately, we can’t predict if this will happen to you before your procedure.

It is important to know that sometimes pronounced swelling that takes a few months to fully settle may lead you to believe that the filler is wearing off. This is why we take accurate measurements before all procedures for a point of reference.

If the filler truly has worn off faster than you expected, other filler options such as collagen-stimulating products may be an option, as long as you are accepting that they cannot be reversed.

How much larger will I be after my treatment?

Your increase in girth will be directly proportional to the amount of filler injected. Remember, results will improve as the filler settles, and it is always preferable to slightly under-fill than to over-fill for this reason. If you want more impressive results, then additional treatments are safe to perform. Staging conservative treatments is a better way to get more aesthetically pleasing results compared to performing fewer sessions with higher volumes.

How long will my results last?

The results of your non-surgical penis enlargement can last from 2-5 years for most men, but in some cases can last longer. The results will gradually wear off over time as the filler is naturally broken down by the body. Longevity cannot be predicted nor guaranteed with certainty. This is because there are personal biological factors (such as metabolism) that can affect longevity, and that cannot be controlled. Very rarely, longevity may be shorter than expected.

What if I have a lump after my treatment?

Whilst very uncommon, from time to time, small lumps of filler may occur along the shaft due to the properties of the dermal filler used. Lumps can be prevented by compliance with post-procedure massage, and usually settle on their own over four weeks.

If you notice a persistent lump of hyaluronic acid filler that doesn’t seem to improve, it can be addressed extremely easily and safely by Dr Aaron, without impacting the result of your treatment.

What if I change my mind after having the non-surgical penis enlargement?

Whilst extremely uncommon, if you decide that the results of your non-surgical penis enlargement are not for you, they are fully reversible as long as the procedure was done with a hyaluronic acid filler. Reversing the result is safe, quick, and has almost no discomfort. Dr Aaron advises that you allow at least one month before deciding on reversing your results, as this will allow ample time for swelling to settle.

How long do I need to wait before having more filler?

If you have decided that you want even more impressive size gains, further filler can be injected into the penis one week after your initial treatment, as long as things have healed from your previous treatment.

What will my penis feel like after having a penis enlargement?

Following your enlargement, your penis will look and feel normal when erect, just larger. Rarely, you may notice that your penis feels slightly squishy when flaccid (like play-doh). This is usually barely noticeable and is a rare occurrence typically related to enlargements that use very high amounts of dermal filler.

What should I do before a non-surgical penis enlargement?

The best thing you can do is to do your research to determine whether the treatment is right for you. Whilst there are only a handful of providers of non-surgical penis enlargement in Australia, it is still vital that you explore your options.

Each practitioner will have their own style and approach, and it needs to work with and for you.

Dr Aaron recommends that you be critical of what you read, as there are penis enlargement providers and forums that exaggerate claims and over-promise results.

See-through trademarked names for treatments claiming to have only been recently developed that have been developed decades ago, and be wary of sponsored deals between practitioners and web forums.

The most important thing to look for is honesty and transparency in your practitioner. These are the values triumphed by Dr Aaron.

Even after extensive research, you may still have questions. Dr. Aaron is always available to help you understand the process, and if the penis enlargement is right for you.

What happens after my non-surgical penis enlargement?

Almost all men who have undergone a non-surgical penis enlargement drive themselves to work, or home immediately after their procedure. You will have a bandage applied to the area, and this should ideally be kept in place for 24 hours.

A prescription for antibiotics will be provided. You will need to take these for a few days to reduce the risk of infection.

All sexual activity should be avoided for seven to ten days to reduce infection risk and minimise irregularities of your result.

Over the first two weeks, the product will gradually integrate with your natural tissue. During this time, the filler will be slightly malleable, and you will be encouraged to mould the filler three to five times per day for at least 5 days to ensure the most even and smooth result is obtained.

Will my penis function normally after a non-surgical penis enlargement?

Yes, your penis should function completely normally following your procedure. In fact, many men report improvements in their sexual performance and function, and in the firmness and strength of their erections after having a penis enlargement.

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Penis enlargement surgery in Melbourne

Many men have concerns about the size of their penis. Not only can it affect performance and confidence in the bedroom, but also in public (where it is known as ‘locker room syndrome’). Frequently, men exaggerate their size, and try potions, pills and devices found online that either get no result, or require extensive time and effort to get very little, and often a temporary return. Penis size is often associated with sexual performance, confidence and satisfaction, both for oneself and one’s partner.

Many men suffer in silence, unaware that there is a solution that works, and that doesn’t require surgery. Dr. Stanes offers this solution for men across Australia, from all different walks of life – different backgrounds, different heritage, different sexuality, different beliefs. So, if increasing the size of your penis effectively and without surgery is something that can help you, then Dr. Aaron is here to help. He is a leading provider of injectable penile enhancement with dermal fillers in Australia. Many men spend time in their man cave researching penis enlargement filler injections.

How to get a bigger penis

Despite what they say, size does matter. For men looking to increase the size, shape and thickness of their penis, or increase the size of the glans penis (also known as the head), a number of treatment options exist. However it is important to know that not all penis enhancement treatments get consistent and lasting results, and some can even be dangerous, potentially causing lasting damage and dysfunction to the penis and your erections. The treatment options to increase the size of your penis include:

  • Penis or penile pumps. Can increase the length and girth of the penis, however, they can cause lasting trauma and difficulties with erection.
  • Penile or penis thickening surgery (girth increasing phalloplasty; dermal fat grafting). Involves transferring a fat graft and stitching it to the penile shaft. This procedure is invasive and carries risk, as well as downtime.
  • Penis or penile lengthening surgery (length increasing phalloplasty; suspensory ligament release). Involves cutting the suspensory ligament at the base of the penis shaft. This option is invasive and higher risk requires extensive aftercare and stretching exercises and is often unsuccessful. It may lead to instability of the erect penis.
  • Penile or penis implant surgery (implant phalloplasty). This type of penis enlargement surgery may increase penile girth and length, but it is highly invasive, expensive and with significant risks.
  • Penis or penile enlargement supplements. Supplements that advertise to increase the size of the penis have little evidence to support such claims. They are frequently underwhelming and target vulnerable men searching for a quick and easy solution for the concerns they have about the size of their penis.
  • Injectable penile or penis enlargement procedures for thickness and flaccid length. Penis and penile injections with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a safe, no downtime and pain-free option to increase penile thickness and increase the size of the glans penis. The glans shape can also be augmented with fillers. They have been performed worldwide for over 20 years and provide consistent and predictable results. They may also increase the length of the flaccid penis. They do not increase the length of the erect penis.

The injectable penis enlargement procedure is the preferred option for increasing penile girth and flaccid length, as well as for increasing the glans size for most men. For men looking to increase the erect length of their penis, surgery will be required, however, it may be unsuccessful and cost a significant amount of money. Other ways to increase the apparent length of the flaccid and erect penis include weight loss and pubic fat liposuction. There is an association between being overweight, and a loss of penile length (one study showed a 1cm reduction in penis length for every 10kg of extra weight carried).

The best approach to increase the size and function of your penis is to maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, consume healthy food and exercise regularly, and consider safe and proven volume adding procedures (most commonly with hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections to the penile shaft and glans penis), and liposuction (fat reduction) of excess pubic fat. Penile thickening with dermal fillers is a safe and popular treatment option for those that want to avoid having a surgical phalloplasty in Melbourne, Australia.

What are the benefits of penis enhancement injections for penile thickening?

A penis enlargement without surgery (sometimes called a non surgical penile enlargement) has many advantages. The key benefits of penis enlargement injections with dermal filler include the following:

  • a pain-free procedure to increase the size of your penis, predominantly penile thickness;
  • penis fillers have no significant downtime, with only a small number of simple instructions to follow after your penis injections;
  • dermal filler injections to the penis give consistent and impressive results that are seen immediately and that have a high satisfaction rate;
  • non-surgical – achieve impressive increases to the measurements (circumference, width, flaccid length and glans size) of your penis without the risk, downtime and expense of invasive surgery;
  • reversible results, in the rare circumstance the penis enhancement just isn’t for you.

The great news is that if you have been researching penis enlargement surgery, there is an effective option that can enhance the size and shape of your penis without the risk, downtime and pain of invasive penile enlargement surgery.

Penis fillers vs penis enlargement surgery (phalloplasty)

Penile enlargement injections work by using targeted injections of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers under the skin and in the glans to increase the size of the penis. The dermal filler is injected using a small blunt instrument known as a cannula that is introduced under the skin through a pilot hole made with a small needle. The glans penis is injected with a fine needle. Local anaesthetic is used to ensure that there is minimal discomfort. Penis fillers can increase the flaccid and erect girth of the penis, add flaccid length, increase the size of the glans, and may help with Peyronie’s asymmetry and premature ejaculation by reducing the glans sensitivity.

Penis enlargement surgery, known as phalloplasty, or penile lengthening surgery, is an invasive surgical procedure that changes the shape and size of the penis. There are different types of phalloplasty operations depending on the particular concern. Phalloplasty may increase the flaccid and erect length and girth of the penis. Generally speaking, phalloplasty is expensive, high risk, and has significant downtime and aftercare requirements. Difference between penis fillers and penis enlargement surgery: Penis fillers:

  • safe and predictable increases in penis size in under an hour;
  • almost pain free, and with next to no downtime;
  • immediate results, and reversible if required;
  • temporary results lasting up to two to five years;
  • can increase flaccid and erect girth, flaccid length, and glans size;
  • non invasive, and far safer than penis enlargement surgery.

Penis enlargement surgery (phalloplasty):

  • invasive, higher risk, more expensive and less predictable than penis fillers;
  • notable discomfort, prolonged downtime and recovery;
  • requires intensive after care, such as daily stretching exercises multiple times a day for over a year;
  • permanent results that are not reversible;
  • can increase flaccid and erect girth and length;
  • causes scar tissue, making any subsequent treatment more difficult and risky.

When it comes to comparing penis filler with penis enlargement surgery, dermal filler injections to the penis are almost always the preferred option. The only exception is in cases where you are wanting an increase in the erect length of your penis. This type of phalloplasty may be unsuccessful, and often an increase in girth and flaccid length can provide satisfying results for these men.

How does a penis enlargement work?

Finally, there is a simple, safe and effective treatment to increase the size of your penis that is available and accessible to all men. You can have a penis enlargement without surgery in as little as 30 minutes with penis fillers. Surgical penis enlargements are expensive, painful and risky. Who wants to take a chance down there? Dr. Stanes offers high quality, long-lasting TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved dermal filler injections to increase the size of your penis.

The penis filler enlargement procedure is becoming increasingly popular, and it is easy to see why. This walk-in walk-out procedure will increase the girth of your penis (often by more than an inch) as well as the flaccid length, and the size of your glans. With no significant downtime, and no discomfort, non-surgical penis enlargement with dermal filler injections is perfect for men looking to:

  • improve their confidence in the bedroom, the locker room and at the beach;
  • increase the girth of their flaccid and erect penis for personal reasons, or to help with sexual performance and satisfaction;
  • potentially improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation and performance anxiety;
  • spice up things in the bedroom;
  • increase the flaccid length of their penis, or the size of the glans penis (the head);
  • improve or change the shape of the penis, or help improve the symmetry in those with Peyronie’s disease.

The enlargement procedure with dermal fillers is straightforward, however, Dr. Stanes appreciates that it can be an uncomfortable thing to discuss. Dr. Aaron is experienced in helping countless men open up and discuss the concerns they have about their penis. The first step in the penis enlargement treatment is consultation. Dr. Stanes provides a safe, discreet and non-confrontational environment to discuss your concerns and answer all of your questions. You will be listened to and respected during the process. After you have had time to open up, Dr. Stanes will ask some key questions to determine whether the penis enlargement filler is right for you. These questions include:

  • whether you are looking for increases in penis size in the flaccid or erect state or both;
  • whether or not you are circumcised, and any other history of trauma or surgery to the penis and surrounding areas (such as hernia repairs, or scrotal surgery);
  • if you have a history of sexually transmitted infections, as you may be required to take a short course of medication following your treatment to prevent a flare of certain conditions;
  • if you are expecting improvements in sexual performance, or are hoping to improve the symptoms of performance anxiety and premature ejaculation;
  • how much of an increase in size you are hoping for.

Dr. Stanes will also discuss your general health, as well as the pros, cons, risks and potential benefits of the treatment. Following your consultation, you can decide whether penis fillers are right for you, or whether you want to consider other options such as penis enlargement surgery. If you decide to undergo the non-surgical penile enhancement, you can expect the following:

  • firstly, de-identified (without your face) clinical photography will be taken of the penis;
  • secondly, the penis and surrounding areas will be extensively cleaned to reduce the risk of infection;
  • thirdly, local anaesthetic will be injected to ensure a painless procedure;
  • fourthly, sterile drapes will be laid to provide a clean working environment;
  • finally, the dermal filler will be injected under the skin to the shaft using a cannula, the glans using a fine needle, or both. The filler will then be moulded smooth.

Following the injection of the dermal filler to the shaft and/or glans of the penis, post-treatment photography will be taken, and dressings applied. You will be provided with aftercare instructions, and a prescription to reduce the risk of infection.

After your treatment, you may experience some mild tenderness for a few days. There will also be some temporary swelling. You will need to take your prescribed medication as directed, massage the area to ensure a smooth result, and avoid sexual activity for ten days to allow the filler to settle. At the one month mark, you can assess the results and decide if you are satisfied, or if you would like a more pronounced result.

The procedure can be repeated if you want further increases in size. Generally, the best results are achieved by using more conservative amounts of dermal filler and performing the penis augmentation with fillers over two sessions. As the results are temporary, maintenance will be required. For the majority of men, maintenance treatments are done every 12-24 months. Maintenance treatments follow the same process as the primary penis enlargement procedure, but generally require far less volume, and accordingly are more affordable.

The injectable penis enlargement procedure has been revolutionary in providing everyday men with a safe and effective option to enhance the size of their penis. It is often compared to women undergoing breast augmentation surgery, although it is far safer, and doesn’t leave you with any scars. Once healed, there won’t be any trace that you’ve had the enlargement (aside from the increase in penis size!).

What types of fillers are used in penile thickening (non surgical penis enlargement)?

A number of different injectable filler types have been historically used to add thickness and size to the penis. Each different type of filler has specific characteristics and features that give it both positive and negative qualities. The different types of fillers that have been used to enhance the size of the penis include:

  • hyaluronic acid based fillers;
  • collagen stimulating fillers;
  • permanent fillers;
  • transferred fat.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are safe, predictable and reversible. They are the most popular type of filler used in the penis primarily due to their high level of safety. Results of penis enlargement using hyaluronic acid-based filler may last up to two to five years. Any problem encountered with hyaluronic acid-based filler (such as small lumps) is very easy to treat.

Collagen stimulating fillers are a volumising product that also leads to the production of significant quantities of collagen in the treated area. They have more predictable longevity than hyaluronic acid-based fillers (from 1-5 years depending on the product) but are not reversible. Previously promoted for their longevity and impressive results when used in the penis, they have fallen out of favour. This is because contour abnormalities and lumps cannot be corrected, and the stimulation of collagen makes subsequent maintenance treatments more challenging higher risk as the tissue where filler is injected is stuck together tightly by the collagen fibres.

Permanent fillers such as PMMA (Bellafill) and Aquamid are rarely used in the penis. Whilst results can last a lifetime, any complication can be catastrophic as it will be essentially untreatable. This includes contour irregularities and asymmetries resulting from the actual procedure.

Fat is occasionally injected into the shaft of the penis. While the results of a fat transfer to the penis are permanent, there are a few very important considerations. Firstly, liposuction will need to be performed to harvest the fat. Secondly, not all of the fat will take (anywhere from 20-90%), leading to potentially disappointing, and possibly uneven results if the fat takes in some areas and not others. Thirdly, grafter fat may form nodules or firm lumps that can be visible and can be felt beneath the skin. Lastly, any changes to your weight will alter the result. Weight loss will lead to the transferred fat reducing in size and vice versa.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the best option for penile thickening and increasing the size of the glans. While they do need maintenance, their reversibility remains a powerful characteristic. Taking unnecessary risks when treating the penis should not be done without extensive and cautious consideration. Especially for those that have never undergone penile enhancement with fillers, reversible dermal fillers provide a means with which to see what the results could be like, without committing to something permanent.

What are the risks and side effects of a penis enlargement procedure?

Penis enlargement injections are very safe when performed by an experienced and cautious doctor who specialises in intimate area rejuvenation. While there are some risks associated with penile filler injections, it is a far safer treatment option compared to invasive and permanent surgery. It also has a high satisfaction rate owing to the predictable nature of the results. The risks of a penis enlargement procedure include:

  • Redness of the skin and bruising. This is temporary and will generally resolve over a few days.
  • Tenderness. It is normal to experience some discomfort for the first few days after penis filler injections. You can take pain relief medication such as paracetamol for any discomfort.
  • Swelling. Some swelling is common after the injectable penis enlargement and will gradually improve over 5-7 days.
  • Lumps and asymmetry. Generally, about 20% of patients will have a mild lump or asymmetry. Adhering to the after-treatment massage instructions will minimise the risk of this occurring. If it does, it is very simple to correct if the penis enlargement has been performed with reversible hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.
  • Infection. Infection of the skin or deeper tissue is very rare and is minimised by practising sterile techniques. You will also need to take preventative antibiotics after your procedure to further reduce the risk of infection.
  • Inflammatory reactions. When using high quantities of foreign material there is a rare risk that the body reacts to the product, causing redness, pain and swelling. Using only premium, high quality, TGA approved dermal fillers will ensure this risk remains extremely low. Ensuring a reversible dermal filler is used for your penis enlargement procedure means that if it does occur, treatment can be done.
  • Skin injury and scarring. This occurs if the dermal filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel, obstructing blood flow, and depriving the tissue of oxygen. If untreated, the skin can become injured and scarring may result. Using a reversible dermal filler in the injectable penis enlargement procedure ensures that if it does occur, there is an effective treatment option. The risk is reduced by seeing an experienced doctor who specialises in the enlargement procedure. The use of a blunt-tipped cannula to inject the dermal filler is the safest approach and minimises the risk of injecting dermal filler into a penile blood vessel.
  • Variable longevity. Whilst most men have results lasting years, very rarely, longevity may be shorter than anticipated.

Finally, the risk of all cosmetic procedures, including penis filler, is that you are dissatisfied with the outcome. Perhaps the result isn’t as pronounced as you’d hoped. In this circumstance, further treatment can be performed to get further increases in the size of your penis. Contour irregularities and lumps are easy to treat if the reversible dermal filler has been used. Fortunately, the satisfaction rate for penis enlargement with dermal filler injections is extremely high.

Why do men want to have a big penis?

Up to 60% of men around the world have concerns about the shape, size and function of their penis. There are many reasons behind such concerns, but a common theme is that they are often longstanding and have real tangible effects on self-esteem, self-satisfaction and confidence. Dissatisfaction about the size, shape and/or function of your penis does not make you any less of a man, rather it is a very real concern, that until recently has been difficult to effectively address. The most common concerns men have about their penis are:

  • Shrinkage. A reduction in the size of your penis depending on the temperature or your mood can have effects on your self-confidence, especially in situations including at the beach, and during sport both on the field and in the locker room.
  • Performance anxiety and premature ejaculation. Self-confidence issues in the bedroom can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Taking action to improve the physical size of your penis may be enough to break the cycle. Augmenting the glans penis may also improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation by reducing sensitivity.
  • Confidence and masculinity. These are both tied to having a large penis. There’s a reason guys of all ages are so focused on the measurements of their penis.
  • Pleasure for oneself and one’s partner. Being of reasonable size helps make sex more enjoyable. Those that lack sufficient girth (the primary measurement related to satisfaction) may find that sex is less enjoyable or satisfying for themselves or their partner.
  • Fascination and curiosity. For some men, the curiosity of what it would be like to have a large penis is enough for them to seek treatment options. In many cases like this, the satisfaction that comes with an impressive increase in the size of the penis leads them to maintain the results.

Penis enlargement injections with dermal fillers are quickly becoming one of the most popular male cosmetic treatments worldwide. Championed for their safety and predictable yet impressive results, penis fillers can provide men with many types of concerns and curiosities a way to increase the size of their penis, improve their self-confidence and satisfaction, and spice things up in the bedroom.

Penile enlargement phalloplasty without surgery is now possible in Melbourne, Australia

If you’ve been considering penis enlargement surgery to boost your confidence, Dr. Stanes can offer you impressive improvements in the size of your penis without surgery and at a much lower cost. Prices start from $4500 for a penile thickening treatment, and follow up appointments are complimentary. Dr. Stanes offers penile fillers in both Melbourne to give men an instant boost in their confidence and self-satisfaction. The injectable filler penis enlargement is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for men.

Dr. Stanes is known around Melbourne for his high-quality results and word of mouth has seen the number of men turning to Dr. Stanes for this treatment grow exponentially. With experience treating penises of all shapes and sizes, you can trust in knowing that Dr. Stanes is equipped to provide you with great penis enlargement results.

There are countless reasons why men want to increase the shape of their penis. Some men want to reduce the amount of shrinkage they have when it is cold, others believe they have a below-average penis size and want to make it larger. Even men with a larger penis undergo this treatment, as they feel more confident with the increased girth and length. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a bigger penis, suffer from performance anxiety, are looking to spice things up in the bedroom, or boost your confidence in the locker room or at the beach, then the 30-minute penis enlargement without surgery is a proven, safe, and no downtime treatment option that can give you the increase in size you have envisioned.

With results lasting up to 2 to 5 years, countless men are living confidently with a larger penis thanks to the injectable penis enlargement procedure. Furthermore, results that are fully reversible, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can achieve the confidence-inspiring results that you want.

Penile thickening and glans enlargement to achieve a bigger penis

Men often are most interested in the length of their penis. However, girth is a critically important measurement when looking at the overall size. Most procedures that offer tangible increases in the length of the erect penis involve invasive and risky surgery and low satisfaction rates. Increasing the length of the erect penis remains an elusive goal to this day. Increasing the girth of the penis, and flaccid length has more treatment options, but many often lack sufficient evidence and leave men feeling disappointed and cheated.

Surgical options again are highly invasive and carry significant risk. Do you really want to take a chance down there? What if there was a way you could increase the size of your penis with no pain, next to no downtime, no invasive surgery, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional phalloplasty operations?

Penis fillers are the solution to the concerns of countless men around the world looking to improve the shape and size of their penis and boost their confidence and self-satisfaction. Penis injections with dermal filler is a safe, predictable, no downtime, pain-free treatment that takes 30 minutes, and that can significantly increase the erect and flaccid girth, flaccid length, and glans size of your penis.

There is no cutting, no stitches, no scars, and it is fully reversible, giving you the peace of mind you deserve for such an important area. The non-surgical phalloplasty goes by many names, including penis injections, penis fillers, non-surgical penis enlargement, Calibre, Androfill and more, however, the principles remain the same. Injected dermal fillers in a very precise manner will thicken the penis, increasing its circumference, increasing the flaccid length by adding bulk and weight to the tissue, reducing shrinkage, and increasing the size of the glans.

It should be noted that dermal filler injections into the penis have been performed countless times over the past 20 years, and have an incredibly high satisfaction rate. Maintenance is a breeze, and it truly is a walk-in walk-out solution for men looking to boost their confidence by increasing the size of their penis. Dr. Stanes is an experienced and honest provider of non-surgical penis enlargement in Melbourne and has helped countless men looking to safely increase the size of their penis with male enlargement injections.

How much does a penile enhancement and enlargement phalloplasty cost in Melbourne, Australia

The cost of non-surgical penis enlargement dermal filler injections start from $4500 for the penile shaft thickening and from $2700 for augmentation of the glans penis. The average price for penile thickening with dermal fillers is $7500. Dr. Aaron Stanes personally performs all penile enhancement procedures, using premium TGA approved dermal fillers.

The trusted provider of penis enlargement phalloplasty in Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Aaron Stanes is a leading doctor for penis and penile enlargement, glans enlargement and penile thickening injections in Melbourne. He is one of Australia’s most skilled providers of all types of cosmetic medicine and has a particular interest in intimate area rejuvenation and enhancement. He has been trained by one of the world’s leading providers of penis enlargement surgery in performing penile enlargement and glans augmentation with fillers. Using only the highest quality dermal fillers, a safe and specialised technique based on principles of penile enlargement phalloplasty surgery, and an empathetic approach that considers you as a person, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in the best hands.

Men are looking for phalloplasty in Melbourne, Australia. Many have already experienced the benefits of penis enlargement in Melbourne. With increasing awareness and acceptance that it’s ok to take action when you have concerns about the size of your manhood, more and more men will continue to experience and enjoy the benefits of penis enlargement with dermal fillers in Melbourne.

Safe and effective penis enlargement in Melbourne

Non surgical penis enlargement injections using dermal fillers are tried and tested, having been done extensively over the past 20 years. Dr. Aaron uses a safe approach, incorporating techniques based on those developed over 20 years of clinical research, and refined in collaboration with one of the World’s leading experts in penile enhancement surgery. Did you know that:

  • up to 60% of men have concerns about the size of their penis;
  • penis enlargement with fillers is an effective way to increase the girth and flaccid length of your penis without surgery;
  • the procedure uses dermal filler injections to add volume along the shaft and to the glans (also known as the head) of the penis. It takes only minutes, is safe, has almost no downtime, and is much more affordable than surgery. It is also far safer than penis enlargement surgery (also known as phalloplasty);
  • results from penis fillers are immediate, and can last years;
  • the effect from penis injections with fillers are fully reversible, in case you change your mind.

How is a penis enlargement with fillers performed?

Dr. Stanes places great importance on the fine details of your procedure so that it is as comfortable for you as possible. He understands that a treatment like a non-surgical penis enlargement can be confronting and embarrassing. With experience in urology, Dr. Aaron has helped many men with concerns in this area. In general, only one treatment is needed to get a noticeable result, although treatments can be performed progressively where required.

Completing the treatment in stages is the preferred approach when performing more significant penile enhancements, as it reduces the chance of significant asymmetry and filler lumps (although these can be corrected if they do occur). Anaesthetic is used to ensure maximum comfort. Dermal fillers are injected to increase the flaccid and erect girth and the flaccid length of the penis. The whole procedure takes 30-60 minutes, and there is minimal downtime. Results are immediate, frequently last well beyond two years, and treatments can be repeated as necessary, so if you like it, it’s easy to maintain.

Book your penis enlargement surgery consultation today

Dr. Aaron Stanes provides both in the clinic, and phone consultations to discuss your penis enlargement procedure to ensure absolute discretion. During your consultation, you can ask questions and learn more about the treatment. Dr. Stanes will walk you through the process, and take the time to understand why you are exploring penis enlargement treatment options. You will be provided with honest, transparent and comprehensive information about the injectable penis enlargement treatment in an unbiased manner. Dr. Stanes has the experience to guide you towards the best options to increase the size of your penis.

Dr. Aaron’s commitment to you

Cosmetic medicine is an art based on an imprecise science. Whilst nothing in life can be guaranteed, Dr. Aaron maintains a commitment to your satisfaction.Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired;
  • only the highest quality products and equipment used.

A cosmetic doctor you can trust

You can feel confident in knowing that your treatments will be carried out by an experienced, renowned and trusted medical doctor who is dedicated to the cosmetic field and clinical excellence.

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