Facial masculinisation with dermal filler provides a simple and effective solution for people who want to look more masculine. By injecting dermal fillers in strategic locations, the face can be made more angular, defined and chiselled. These are the hallmarks of a masculine face.

The most common areas treated with masculinising the face with dermal fillers are:

  • the cheeks: to make them more defined and angular;
  • the chin and jawline: to add structure, giving them an angular and chiselled appearance;
  • the nose: to make it straighter.

Cosmetic injectables are becoming more and more commonplace with men. They provide a simple and quick way to improve your appearance and help you feel more confident.

What is facial masculinisation?

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Masculinisation fillers in Melbourne and Sydney

Not all of us are blessed with strong, defined and masculine features. Using dermal filler injections, you now have access to a masculine jawline, chiselled chin and strong cheekbones. No longer just for women, more and more men are having cosmetic injectables and experiencing the confidence that comes with a strong and masculine face. Now men are taking control of their appearance using expert cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers to strengthen the jawline, nose, chin and cheeks. Put yourself first and look your best with expert masculinisation treatments.

What is involved in facial masculinisation?

Facial masculinisation is simple and safe. Depending on your concerns, different areas of the face may be treated. Dr. Aaron Stanes is an expert in male aesthetics, and will help to guide you on the best treatment options to masculinise your appearance. For most, dermal fillers are used to add structure and definition to the face, giving it a more masculine and chiselled appearance. The results can be completely tailored to you, so whether you want something more subtle, or something more dramatic, there are options. Dermal filler injections generally take around 15 minutes, and aside from some mild redness, and the occasional bruise, there isn’t much else to expect. You’ll see immediate results from your masculinisation filler injections, and results can last from 12-24 months for most people. The most popular areas of the face injected with dermal fillers to give a masculine appearance are:

Other areas of the face can also be treated, such as the brow, temples and under eyes.

How much does facial masculinisation with fillers cost in Melbourne and Sydney

Masculinisation treatments using dermal filler have an average price of $2700. The total cost of dermal fillers will depend on which areas of the face are treated, and how extensive your masculinisation treatment is.

How to look more masculine

A masculine face has a few hallmark features. The common characteristic of a manly face is that it is larger, wider, more angular, squarer and defined compared to a feminine face. By augmenting different parts of the face with dermal fillers, the face can be made to appear more masculine and chiselled. Compared to a feminine face, a masculine face generally has:

  • flatter eyebrow shape;
  • prominent brow (also known as frontal bossing);
  • a straighter, wider nose;
  • a broader and more angular chin;
  • a wider, more defined and angular jawline;
  • chiselled and straighter cheekbones, with harsher angles.

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Dr. Aaron Stanes has a particular interest in male cosmetic injections and in facial masculinisation.

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Masculinisation filler prices

The cost of your facial masculinisation is determined by the extent of your treatment.

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Facial masculinisation with dermal fillers

Expertly injected dermal fillers for facial masculinisation have an average price of $3000.

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All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Achieve a strong and chiselled appearance

What makes a masculine face?

Masculinity is conveyed in the face. Certain facial features can make you appear stronger, more defined and confident. A masculine face is typically larger, more defined and angular compared to a feminine face.


Hallmark features of a masculine face:

  • a flatter forehead and prominent brow (frontal bossing);
  • straight, angular and chiselled cheek bones, with a lower and more central apex compared to a feminine face;
  • a straight nose;
  • a wide and squared off chin;
  • an angular, broad and defined jawline.
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Understanding your treatments

How dermal fillers can be used to masculinise the face

For those who are looking to appear more masculine, dermal filler injections provide a simple, safe and effective treatment option that can give immediate and long lasting results. Dermal fillers can be used to reshape and define specific areas of the face.


Common areas dermal fillers are used to masculinise a face:

  • the cheekbones: giving them an angular and chiselled appearance;
  • the chin: making it wider and more square in shape;
  • the nose: to make it straighter;
  • the jawline: increasing width and definition, and making it appear more angular.
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Dermal fillers have been injected into the chin and jawline to give the face a stronger appearance.

Define a masculine jawline

How dermal fillers can masculinise your jawline

A wide, angular jawline is  one of the most important facial features that makes a face appear masculine. Jawline sculpting with fillers is extremely popular amongst people wanting to appear more masculine and feel more confident.

What injecting dermal filler to the jawline does:

  • widens the jawline, making it more defined;
  • adds projection to the angle of the jawline, giving it a more masculine shape;
  • reshapes and project the chin, giving it a squared off appearance;
  • adds definition to the jawline border, making it appear more contoured, and improving the appearance of under chin fullness.
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Here, the dermal filler has been used to masculinise the chin and jawline in a way that still appears natural.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is facial masculinisation with fillers?

Masculinisation of the face with dermal filler injections is a safe, simple and no downtime treatment that makes the facial shape more manly. This is achieved by using dermal fillers to add volume to specific areas of the face, reshaping them to have a more masculine quality. Typically, masculine features are more defined, more angular, wider and broader, and harsher than feminine features.

What are the most common cosmetic treatments used to masculinise the face?

Masculinising the face with dermal filler injections can be achieved by treating different areas of the face. The most common treatments that are performed with cosmetic injections to achieve a more masculine appearance are:

How do dermal fillers masculinise the jaw?

Dermal filler injections add volume to the treated areas. By adding volume to key areas of the jawline, it can be given a more masculine appearance. In a typical male jawline enhancement with fillers, the jawline angle in front of the ear will be widened and given more definition, the chin will be widened, and the lower border of the jawline between the angle and chin will be injected to add projection and definition. A combination of these gives the jawline a broad, angular, defined and chiselled appearance, and can be done in one dermal filler treatment, or over a few sessions depending on your preferences.

How are male and female cheeks different?

Male cheekbones have an apex (or point of maximal projection) that is lower, and closer to the midline than feminine cheeks. They are also more angular, flatter at the front, and less curved.

Do many men get filler injections?

Dermal filler injections for men and masculinisation treatments are extremely popular. More and more men are undergoing dermal filler procedures to reshape and define their faces as they realise that it can help them feel more confident about their appearance without looking fake or overdone. It is important to ensure the person performing your treatment is proficient in male aesthetics.


How many mls of filler will I need to masculinise the face?

Most men need at least 4mls of filler to see a difference in masculinisation treatments. If you want more pronounced results, then you may need larger quantities of dermal filler, especially in the jawline (where anywhere from 4-8mls can be used).

What fillers are used in the male jawline?

It is critical to ensure that only the highest quality dermal fillers are used when masculinising and enhancing the male jawline. The best fillers to use are very firm and rigid. This is because we want the fillers injected to the jawline to match the quality of the underlying jawbone as much as possible. For this reason, these fillers may be referred to as ‘bone-mimicking’. Using low-quality fillers, or less rigid fillers increases the chance of migration, and will not achieve a strong and defined result.

How are cheekbone fillers performed in men?

Male cheekbone fillers are injected using a combination of small needles, and a blunt instrument known as a cannula. True experts are proficient in both and know how to combine both approaches to get a smooth and natural result. Both techniques have their advantages and should be used to ensure safety, precision and a high-quality result.


Are masculinisation dermal fillers safe?

Dermal filler injections are very safe when used for masculinisation treatments. Generally, most people experience mild redness, and occasionally some swelling and bruising. There are some rare risks of dermal fillers including skin injury which will be discussed during your appointment.


What can men expect after chin and jawline filler?

After undergoing chin and jawline fillers, you may have some slight redness at the treated area. Occasionally, there may be some mild bruising and swelling that resolves quickly. You may also have some mild tenderness for a few days. The great part about masculinisation fillers for the chin and jawline are that you will see instant results. If there is some swelling, then the results may look more pronounced, so it is important that you allow the body to heal before assessing the final result (generally 2-4 weeks). At this time, you can decide whether or not you want a more pronounced result, and if so, simply have more dermal filler injected into the jawline.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

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  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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