The non-surgical nose job is a highly popular treatment for men. It is truly a walk-in walk-out procedure that is performed using tiny needles in under 20 minutes. Dr. Aaron Stanes is one of the most experienced nose filler experts in the country, routinely performing up to 50 treatments per week. 

Using high-quality dermal filler injections to the nose, the non-surgical nose job is the perfect option for men who:

  • are interested in surgical rhinoplasty, but want to trial a temporary and reversible treatment first;
  • want to improve the shape of their nose, but don’t want anyone to know they’ve had a cosmetic treatment;
  • are unwilling to pay for expensive and higher risk, permanent surgery with months of recovery;
  • have subtle concerns about the shape of their nose that they would like to improve;
  • would like to improve a concern about their nose that has bothered them for years, with a simple and reversible option that takes just minutes.

Dr. Aaron performs a large number of male nose filler treatments every year, and can effectively improve many concerns including dorsal humps/bumps, crooked noses, droopy nose tips, and poor results from rhinoplasty surgery.

What is a male non-surgical rhinoplasty?

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Expert male nose fillers in Melbourne

Nose irregularities are extremely common, and up until recently were only correctable with risky, invasive and permanent surgery.

Now, men who are dissatisfied with the shape and appearance of their nose can significantly transform the central feature of the face with no surgery, no downtime, with minimal risk and discomfort, in under ten minutes.

Nose fillers can:

  • straighten crooked noses;
  • disguise humps and bumps;
  • masculinise the shape and size of your nose;
  • correct asymmetry;
  • improve an unsatisfactory surgical nose job result.

Male nose fillers with Dr. Aaron involves small injections with premium TGA approved dermal fillers.

The ideal male nose

There’s not much to a great nose on a man. When considering what makes an attractive male nose, there are the following aspects:

  • nose width, or the distance between the nostrils margins;
  • the projection, or how fat from the face the nose protrudes;
  • the length, or distance from bridge to tip;
  • the height, or vertical distance from base to bridge;
  • to the projection of the dorsum, or how far out the most prominent part of the nose protrudes;
  • how straight the nose is from the front view;
  • how straight the nose is from the side view;
  • the angle between the underside of the nose and the upper lip (the nasolabial angle).

The ideal male nose is generally as wide as the distance between the eyes, is straight from the front and side view, starts at a point between the lower margin of the brow and the upper eyelid crease, has a straight pointing nose tip, and a nasolabial angle of around 90 degrees.

Few men are born with the perfect nose, and traditionally, only rhinoplasty surgery could change different features of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery for men is invasive, risky, expensive and has prolonged downtime. Plus, any results are permanent, so if you don’t like the result, you have a big problem. 

Enter the non-surgical rhinoplasty for men. Also known as male nose fillers, this procedure uses injections of dermal filler to reshape the male nose. Almost all different aspects of the nose can be adjusted with high precision. It takes only a few minutes, has almost no discomfort, no downtime and is reversible, giving you peace of mind that if it isn’t for you, then you aren’t stuck with it. Results are long-lasting, generally from one to two years for most men, and the results can be completely tailored to you. Men around the world are having dermal filler injections to reshape their noses, giving them a more attractive appearance, but in a natural way that doesn’t change their overall look.

How dermal filler injections can shape the male nose

Dermal filler injections add volume to the nose. By injecting dermal filler into the male nose in a very precise way, we can change the shape of the nose. Dermal fillers can make a man’s nose straighter, improve the angles, and improve the size.

Different areas of the male nose that can be injected with dermal fillers are:

  • the bridge, to add definition and height;
  • above and below a hump or bump, to disguise it;
  • to the tip, to give it more projection and definition;
  • to the nasolabial angle (at the base of the undersurface of the nose, in between the nostrils where the nose joins to the upper lip). This changes the nasolabial angle;
  • to the sidewall to improve the appearance of a deviation.

Depending on the particular nose, different areas may be injected with dermal fillers. Often a few different areas of a man’s nose are injected in one treatment. This approach ensures that when reshaping the nose with fillers, a masculine and balanced result can be achieved that works with the man’s face.

The dermal fillers used to reshape male noses are high quality and long-lasting. They are also reversible in the rare case you change your mind about having nose fillers.

Are nose fillers a popular treatment for men?

Nose fillers are an extremely popular male treatment. They take five to 10 minutes to perform, are safe, reversible and have minimal discomfort and no downtime. Men around the world are turning to nose fillers as a great alternative to surgical nose jobs to improve the concerns they have about their nose. Some concerns men have about the appearance of their noses include:

  • prominent dorsal humps or bumps;
  • a nose that is too small for their face;
  • a droopy nose tip;
  • a crooked nose;
  • disappointing results from nose surgery, or changes in the appearance of their nose after surgery for a deviated septum.

More and more men are experiencing the confidence that comes with a straighter, more defined nose. Now with dermal filler injections, men have a treatment option to reshape their nose without expensive, invasive and risky surgery.

Non surgical dermal fillers to reshape the male nose

Irregularities of the nose are not simply the realm of a woman. Thousands of men have and continue to undergo surgical nose jobs for bumps, size, angles and contour irregularities. The problem is, this is high-risk surgery, technically complex and difficult, expensive, and if it goes wrong, you’re stuck with it.

More and more men are discovering the power of a non-surgical nose job done by Dr. Aaron – one of Australia’s most respected and well-known nose filler experts.

Men chose to have nose fillers as either an alternative to surgery, to improve the structure and definition of their face, or even to correct a botched surgical nose job. It is crucial to only see an expert nose filler specialist for this procedure, as when not done correctly, results can be unsatisfactory.

Male nose fillers vs male surgical rhinoplasty (nose job)

Nose fillers in men involves the injection of dermal fillers under the skin to reshape the nose. It is a safe, no downtime procedure that takes 10-15 minutes and gives instant results.

Surgical rhinoplasty for men, also known as a nose job, is an invasive, expensive and higher risk procedure that irreversibly changes the shape of your nose. You will require time off work, and the swelling may take over a year to resolve. 

Nose fillers vs nose surgery for men:

Male nose fillers:

  • safe, minimal discomfort and no downtime;
  • instant results that can be reversed if required;
  • uses injections of high-quality dermal fillers under the skin to reshape the nose;
  • highly precise treatment, with mm changes possible;
  • results last one to two years on average;
  • can lift and project the nose tip, disguise dorsal humps and bumps, and improve the appearance of deviated noses;
  • cannot reduce the size of the nose, but can improve the shape, making the nose appear more balanced with the face.

Male rhinoplasty (surgical nose job):

  • invasive, expensive surgery with downtime;
  • final results may take over a year;
  • some scarring will be present for open surgery;
  • less precise than nose fillers;
  • permanent results. Revision surgery may be required if results are not satisfactory;
  • can reduce the size of the nose, narrow a wide nose, lift the nose tip, shave down a dorsal hump, and straighten a deviated septum.

While surgical nose jobs can fix more problems men have with their noses, nose filler injections are almost always a better treatment option to start with. They are very safe, more affordable, don’t require time off work, and can achieve pronounced changes to the shape of the nose for a number of concerns.

Men may elect to have a surgical nose job if they want a permanent solution (although in such a case if the results are disappointing then revision surgery may be required), or if they have a concern that dermal filler injections to the nose cannot address. This includes widely set or large nostrils, and a very vertically orientate dorsum. Lastly, those men with a very large nose will not be candidates for dermal filler injections.

The best option for men is to research the treatment options and make an informed decision. A consultation with a nose filler specialist can help you to understand if and how your nose can be reshaped to be more masculine and more balanced with the shape and size of your face. Countless men around the world are exploring the treatment options to improve the shape of their noses, with dermal filler injections to the nose exploding in popularity amongst men for their powerful advantages over traditional male nose surgery.

Are nose fillers for men safe?

When done by a professional with experience in performing dermal filler injections to the nose, the procedure is very safe. Ensuring only the highest quality fillers are used in your treatment, and that your injector has extensive experience in nose fillers is a way to know that you are in the safest hands and will achieve the best results possible.

Some common side effects of nose fillers include bruising, mild swelling, slight redness and some tenderness. These all resolve quickly over a few days.

You can get back to all your favourite activities immediately after your treatment, and even better, you’ll see the results straight away. The one thing you must avoid after your procedure is any firm pressure to the nose for 10 to 14 days. This includes wearing heavy glasses, or any activity where you may be hit in the nose, such as boxing.

A very rare, yet significant risk of nose filler injections in men is an injury to the skin. This occurs if a blood vessel is blocked by dermal filler. In this case, the filler must be reversed as quickly as possible. Fortunately, this risk is very rare, and if spotted early and treated effectively, will cause no lasting harm to the skin of your nose where the dermal filler has been injected.

How much do nose fillers for men cost in Melbourne?

The cost of male nose fillers starts from $990 for a routine treatment (with $990 also being the average price). If you have had a surgical rhinoplasty and want your result corrected with dermal filler injections, the cost will start from $1190. $1190 is the most common price for correcting the results of a male surgical nose job.

25% of people will need a second stage treatment within three months of their first treatment. The cost of this is $390 for those who have not had surgery and $590 for people who have had a surgical nose job.

The reason the cost of male nose fillers for those who have had previous surgery is higher is because the procedure is more technically challenging, and has slightly higher risks involved. 

Get your perfect nose with fillers

Nose fillers are straightforward to undergo, especially when you have an expert cosmetic doctor performing the procedure. Dr. Aaron has helped hundreds of people transform their lives by improving the shape of their noses. Tiny needles are used to judiciously inject precise quantities of the highest quality dermal fillers in strategic locations to balance the shape of the nose. The process has minimal discomfort and only takes around 10 minutes. When done by a leading nose filler specialist, it is a very safe procedure, and results can be outstanding with a very high satisfaction rate.

Your perfect nose is now possible in just 10 minutes. The next step is to get in touch with Dr. Aaron for a consultation. You can even go ahead with treatment on the day. If you have any questions, you can also send Dr. Aaron a message personally via the website contact page.

When it comes to male non-surgical rhinoplasty Melbourne, nothing beats experience

Dr. Aaron Stanes is one of the most experienced male nose filler experts in the country. Performing over a thousand nose filler treatments per year ensures that when it comes to your non surgical nose job, you are in safe and experienced hands.

You will be provided with honest and transparent advice, as well as safe treatments using premium products.

Your individualised treatment will ensure that you achieve sharp and defined, natural results.

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Male non-surgical rhinoplasty prices

The cost of your non surgical rhinoplasty is determined by the extent and complexity of your treatment.

Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment.


Non surgical rhinoplasty

A routine non-surgical rhinoplasty using expertly injected, premium dermal filler costs $990. You must have at least 9 months between routine treatments.


Non surgical rhinoplasty - Previous rhinoplasty surgery

Surgical rhinoplasty correction is a highly advanced treatment requiring extensive experience and skill to perform. A routine surgical rhinoplasty correction using expertly injected, premium dermal filler costs $1190. You must have at least 9 months between routine treatments.


Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Understanding the area

Know the male nose

The male nose has a set of characteristic features that work together to give it a strong and defined appearance. Understanding the components of the male nose is crucial in ensuring that any treatment to change the shape is done in a way that improves its appearance.


Where nose fillers can be injected:

  • radix: the root of the nose located between the eyes, occasionally called the nose bridge;
  • dorsum: the top of the nose extending from the radix to the tip;
  • nose tip: the most projected part of the nose;
  • lateral walls: the sides of the nose.
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Nose anatomy

Achieve a straighter and more aesthetic nose

How dermal fillers can sculpt a masculine nose

Nose reshaping with dermal fillers can be used to masculinise the nose. The treatment takes only 10-15 minutes, and has no downtime.


Common reasons men have nose fillers:

  • hide a dorsal hump/bump;
  • improve the projection and definition of the nasal bridge;
  • add definition to the nasal dorsum;
  • add projection to the nose tip, giving it a lifted and less droopy appearance;
  • straighten a hook nose;
  • lower the nostrils;
  • improve the results of rhinoplasty surgery (a nose job);
  • increase the size of a small nose;
  • straighten a crooked nose.
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Male non-surgical rhinoplasty

Know the facts

Why you should seriously consider fillers if you are bothered by the shape of your nose

There are countless men around Australia who are bothered by the appearance of their nose, but who were never willing to undergo invasive and expensive surgery. More and more, these men are turning to non-surgical nose reshaping with fillers to improve the appearance of their nose, and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty provides a number of key advantages for men who are looking for solutions to improve the appearance of their nose, and who want to avoid surgery.

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Benefits of a non surgical rhinoplasty:

  • Reshape your nose in under 15 minutes with no downtime and essentially no discomfort;
  • immediate and long lasting results for the far majority of men;
  • completely reversible effect;
  • almost all aesthetic concerns can be corrected;
  • Dr. Aaron Stanes is one of the most experienced and well known nose filler specialists in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a male non-surgical rhinoplasty?

A non surgical rhinoplasty is a safe, simple, effective and no downtime treatment that uses injections of dermal filler to reshape the nose. It is a popular cosmetic treatment for men, and can be used for the following concerns:

  • a crooked nose;
  • disguising a bump/hump;
  • refining and lifting the nose tip;
  • augmenting a flat nasal bridge;
  • correcting a unsatisfactory surgical rhinoplasty result.

The non surgical nose job cannot make the nose smaller. However, by improving the shape, the nose often looks better, and more balanced with the face.

Is the non-surgical nose job good for male noses?

Most men with concerns about the shape of their noses are ideal candidates for the non-surgical nose job. Those with prominent bumps, droopy nose tips, a crooked bridge, or with poor results from a surgical nose job can achieve dramatic yet natural results in minutes, with this walk-in walk-out treatment using targeted injections of dermal filler to the nose.


Is the non-surgical rhinoplasty painful?

The non-surgical nose job has minimal discomfort. Tiny needles are used to inject premium dermal filler to the nose that is mixed with a strong local anaesthetic. this ensures your procedure is comfortable.


Is the non-surgical rhinoplasty safe?

Nose fillers are an extremely safe treatment when performed by someone with adequate training. Some uncommon side effects include bruising and swelling, which settle over a few days.

the most important risk of non-surgical rhinoplasty is an injury to the skin. This is very rare, and the risk is reduced when the non-surgical nose job is performed by a nose filler specialist.

What are the side effects of the non-surgical rhinoplasty?

The main side effects of the non-surgical rhinoplasty are bruising and some mild discomfort that both resolve over a few days.


How long will results last?

Nose fillers in men can last up to 2 years. Maintenance treatments tend to increase the longevity up to this limit.

Will anyone know that I've had nose fillers?

The great thing about the non surgical rhinoplasty is that you can achieve great transformations in the shape of the nose, without any trace that you’ve had work done. By injecting the dermal filler with tiny needles, there is little chance of there being a sign that you have had the non surgical nose job.

Those that know you may notice a difference in the shape of your nose.

Why Choose Dr. Aaron?

By booking with Dr. Aaron, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading dedicated anti ageing & cosmetic doctors.

Feel confident knowing that your treatment will use only the highest quality products and equipment, and only the safest and most proven techniques. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speaks for itself.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • treatments performed with the utmost respect for your safety and wellbeing, with a results driven approach;
  • the use of only the highest quality products and equipment;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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