Under eye treatments are a popular options for people looking to improve their under eye area without the risk, cost and downtime of surgery. By combining treatments, comprehensive yet natural results can be achieved.

Common under eye problems that can be improved without surgery include:

  • under eye hollowing also known as tear troughs, can be softened with dermal filler injections in a procedure called tear trough filler (or under eye filler);
  • dark circles due to shadowing can be improved with under eye fillers;
  • under eye bags can be disguised with tear trough fillers;
  • crows feet wrinkles on the outer eye can be treated with anti wrinkle injections.

What are under eye treatments?

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Tear trough and under-eye dermal fillers in Melbourne

The last thing you need is people thinking and commenting that you look tired and worn out. Often, things only get worse with age, so the earlier you can put a stop to your under-eye hollows and bags, the better.

Changes in the very thin skin of the under-eye, the small amount of supportive fat, and naturally occurring changes to the bone around the eye are the reasons why it is one of the first areas to show signs of ageing.

You may have tried eye serum after eye serum, and noticed almost no change. This is because serums do nothing to fix the underlying causes of tired looking under eyes.

Treatments for eye rejuvenation

The eyes are a very delicate area, and are unforgiving if the wrong treatment is performed. It is important that your cosmetic doctor is experienced, and knowledgeable. Fortunately, Dr. Aaron has extensive experience in Anatomy, and in under eye rejuvenation, and was trained in under eye fillers by one of the world’s leading Oculoplastic Surgeons.

Under eye rejuvenation treatments treatments can effectively target:

  • dark circles;
  • under eye hollowing;
  • fine lines and wrinkles;
  • lower eye bags.

Depending on your specific situation, the treatment options can include:

Ageing of the eye area

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles can be evident from our twenties, with sun exposure and other factors accelerating their appearance and progression. They make us look older than we are. They are best treated early, using a combination of chemical peels, and skin tightening devices to improve the quality and strength of the skin, which is being lost with age. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers may also be beneficial in softening and preventing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Hollowness and Bags

Dermal fillers can help soften and disguise under-eye hollows and bags by adding volume where it is deficient. The fillers provide structural support, and add hydration to the area, leaving you with smooth, healthy skin around your eyes.

Dark Circles

Dark circles around the eyes can be caused by different things. Often thin skin, blood vessels, and hollowness contribute. Depending on the cause, treatment with dermal fillers, skin tightening or other modalities may be ideal for you. Often a combination of lower eye rejuvenation treatments works best. Dr. Aaron is experienced in the application and use of the best treatments for dark circles under your eyes.

Are under-eye dermal fillers right for you?

Dr. Aaron is a leading provider of under-eye filler injections in Melbourne. He regularly trains other doctors in injecting filler under the eyes and has changed countless lives through his unique approach to under-eye treatment.

Often a combination of treatments to rejuvenate the eyes is best for almost everyone, as it not only provides an immediate improvement but also slows down the progression of further age-related changes. Fillers under the eyes are but only one component of under-eye treatments. Those that are looking to get their tear troughs filled should also consider having skin rejuvenation treatments to improve the under eyes.

Injections of dermal filler under the eyes with tiny needles can provide an immediate lifting effect, reducing hollow under eyes, anti wrinkle injections can soften fine lines and wrinkles, and skin tightening can restore youthful elasticity to the skin by building collagen naturally, meaning better skin quality, texture, tone and tightness, and less dark circles and bags.

Under eye and tear trough dermal filler injections and total eye rejuvenation

If you are tired of looking tired and your eyes are bothering you, Dr. Aaron is your go-to practitioner to naturally improve your eyes, and ensure they complement your natural appearance.

As an expert in all things non-surgical cosmetic medicine, and with experience in rejuvenating the under eyes without surgery, no matter if you’re in need of treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, thread lifts, or dermal filler to restore lost volume, Dr. Aaron can help to provide you results that look great, and that last.

How long do tear trough and under-eye fillers really last?

Previously, we have believed that most dermal fillers last from 6-24 months depending on the type of dermal filler used, and individual patient characteristics such as metabolism. New research is in fact showing us that dermal filler injected to the under-eye can last much longer for some people, even up to ten years.

Whenever injecting the under eye or tear trough with dermal fillers, it is important that we are conservative, as overfilling the tear trough with dermal filler can cause prolonged swelling and puffiness.

Tear trough dermal filler is best done in a series of conservative stages, with each treatment using a maximum of 1ml across both under eye areas.

If your under-eye concerns are due to changes in other areas of the face, such as cheek volume loss, then correcting these areas may require more dermal filler.

Dr. Aaron is the expert when it comes to under eye treatments Melbourne

When it comes to under eye treatments, experience matters.

Treat yourself to high quality under eye treatments, with safe and professional service provided by Dr. Aaron.

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Under eye treatment prices

The cost of your under eye treatment depends on the type and extent of treatment.

Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment.


Under eye (tear trough) filler

Expertly injected premium under-eye fillers can help to soften under eye hollows and improve dark circles caused by shadowing.

From $775

Dermal filler

Expertly injected premium dermal fillers can restore structural support in the upper and mid face, improving the shape of the eyes.

From $775

Crows feet anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections for crows feet will improve outer eye wrinkles, and slow their progression, helping to pause the ageing process.

From $200

Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Understanding the under eye

What is a tear trough?

The tear trough is the hollow area between your lower eyelid and inner cheek that extends outwards from the inner corner of your eye. While a tear trough is a natural facial feature, some people find that they suffer from deep tear troughs that make them appear tired and aged.

A prominent tear trough can be due to the shape of the eye socket bones and accentuated by age or weight-related volume loss. Allergies and genetics can also predispose you to under-eye discolouration, making your tear troughs appear even worse.

Understanding the tear trough allows the correct option to be selected for your under-eye treatment.

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Under eye bags diagram

Under eye rejuvenation treatments

The most natural results from under eye rejuvenation can be achieved by ensuring that the right treatment is used. Combining different treatments ensures that the eye area is rejuvenated in a balanced way.

Treatments used to improve the under eyes:

Under eye filler

Under eye injections with filler (also known as tear trough rejuvenation) is a safe, no downtime treatment that can improve the appearance of hollow under eyes, disguise lower eye bags, and soften dark circles resulting from hollowness. Tear trough filler should be done conservatively and is often staged over a few sessions to ensure a smooth and natural result that helps you look more rested and rejuvenated.

Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections can be used to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles on the outer eye and to raise the tail of the eyebrow. This is a great treatment to help you look more rested and fresher, and lasts 3-5 months on average.

Radiofrequency skin needling

Radiofrequency skin needling can tighten saggy skin and improve fine wrinkles on the lower eyelids. It is also a great treatment to stimulate collagen production to improve skin quality and has powerful preventative benefits to slow the progression of the visible signs of ageing.

Under eye treatments difference

Improving the under eye with dermal filler to the cheeks and tear trough.

Making the right choice

The secret to choosing the right treatment to improve your under eyes

The under-eye area requires an in-depth understanding of anatomy and the process of ageing to correctly select and implement the most appropriate treatments. It is one of the most complex areas of the face to treat, so seeing an expert is critical to ensure that you are treated appropriately.

The appearance of your under-eye area is determined by a combination of structures including the eye socket bones, the eye muscles, supportive fat in the under-eye, cheek and temple, and the overlying skin. Therefore, correctly treating the under-eye relies on addressing each of these where indicated in the correct way and to the correct degree.

Combination treatments are almost always the preferred way to rejuvenate the under eye.

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Treatments to rejuvenate the under eye:

  • dermal fillers to restore or augment volume in the temples, cheek and tear trough (under eye);
  • anti wrinkle injections to relax hyperactive muscles and reduce the appearance of outer eye wrinkles;
  • radiofrequency skin needling to tighten sagging eyelid skin, restore lost collagen and improve fine wrinkles.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do dermal fillers help hollow under eyes?

Dermal Fillers add volume to hollow areas under the eye. Very small injections are used to allow for precise placement, with minimal risk. By adding volume with dermal fillers for the under eyes, the hollows are filled, making them appear less sunken.

How much under eye dermal filler do I need in my tear troughs?

This will vary depending on the person, but in general 1ml per treatment is done. Some people may need multiple treatments to achieve a full correction.

Using too much dermal filler in the tear trough per treatment will increase the risk of swelling.

What treatment is best for under eyes?

The best treatment for your under eye rejuvenation will depend on your concerns. A comprehensive treatment plan will generally achieve the best results. Some treatment options to improve the under eye area include:

  • dermal filler injections for hollowing;
  • radiofrequency microneedling for fine lines;
  • Accutite non surgical eyelid lift for sagging skin and under eye bags.
Can under-eye filler improve dark circles?

Under eye filler can improve dark circles that are caused by hollowing. However, sometimes people need a combination of treatments, including tear trough fillers, and skin tightening to improve this concern.

Are under-eye treatments right for me?

If you feel that you look tired, or have dark or hollow circles under your eyes, then under eye treatments may be the perfect way to improve your under eye area without surgery.


Can under eye fillers cause discolouration?

Under eye fillers can rarely cause a blue tinge to the under-eye area. This is easy to correct with small injections of hyaluronidase to dissolve some of the filler, and won’t cause any lasting issue.

Are under eye fillers safe?

Under eye dermal fillers are very safe with minimal downtime. The most common side effect is mild bruising and swelling.

What are the side effects of under-eye fillers?

Occasionally, people who undergo under eye treatment may experience swelling and bruising that usually settles over a few days.

There are other side effects which are rare. These include:

  • lumps and swelling: Mainly occur if too much product is used.
  • migration: If the filler is injected in the wrong area, or if the wrong type is used.

Fortunately, these issues are easily treatable by using a dissolving injection to reduce the amount of filler under the eye.

Is bruising common with under-eye fillers?

Some mild bruising occurs in 10-20% of patients who have under eye filler. Rarely, bruising can be more pronounced. The risk of more notable bruising can be reduced by the following:

  • avoiding alcohol for 48 hours before and after your procedure;
  • avoiding intense exercise for 48 hours after your procedure;
  • applying ice for a few hours after your procedure;
  • by the using of tiny needles or blunt cannula to inject the dermal filler.


When will I see the results after under-eye fillers?

After having under eye filler, you will see an immediate improvement in your under eye hollowing. Over the following four weeks, the results will generally improve for most people as the filler settles.

As the results generally improve over the first month, it is important not to fully correct the under eye hollowing during your appointment. Doing so will cause the final result to be over corrected, potentially giving your under eye a swollen appearance with a blue discolouration to the skin.

Conservatively correcting the under eye area in stages is the preferred method to achieve the best results and avoid swelling and skin discolouration.

Should your under eyes be over corrected, the dermal filler will need to be dissolved.


How can I minimise swelling after under-eye fillers?

Swelling can be minimised by icing the area before and after your treatment, and by avoiding alcohol for 2 days before and after your treatment.

How long does swelling last after under-eye fillers?

Most swelling resolves after a few days, however rarely it can persist for a few weeks.

Why Choose Dr. Aaron?

By booking with Dr. Aaron, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading dedicated anti ageing & cosmetic doctors.

Feel confident knowing that your treatment will use only the highest quality products and equipment, and only the safest and most proven techniques. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speaks for itself.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • treatments performed with the utmost respect for your safety and wellbeing, with a results driven approach;
  • the use of only the highest quality products and equipment;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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Other treatments to consider

Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections soften fine lines and wrinkles and are the perfect way to naturally rejuvenate your appearance.

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Using internal heating, under-eye bags, wrinkles and hollows can be improved with minimal downtime, and without surgery.

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