Natural differences in our bone structure and facial fat and how they change with age, is a large contributor to how we look, and how our appearance changes with aging. Restoring (Giving back lost volume) or augmenting (Adding volume where it wasn’t before) volume must be done to afford a tangible improvement in the above concerns.

Best NewStem™ Treatment in Sydney and Melbourne

Dr. Aaron provides the knowledge, skill and collaborative approach that works with you, to achieve results that complement your natural beauty, rather than dramatically change how you look.

  • Prevent and even reverse the signs of ageing, and improve facial contours with expert medical doctors.
  • Collagen boosting treatment, with reduced swelling and bruising, and adjustable results compared to typical dermal fillers.
  • NewStem™ is exclusively available with Dr Aaron Stanes and Dr Niro Sivathasan, by whom it was pioneered.

What is NewStem™ and how does it works?

NewStem™ is a treatment designed by doctors and exclusively provided by its pioneers that uses specific and strategic combinations of dermal filler and other constituents to give a stable, long lasting volumetric correction/augmentation that improves over time. It is safe, adjustable, and tailored to your concerns, needs and goals. It takes 15 minutes, and is effectively the same as having a regular dermal filler treatment.

When considering all options regarding volume augmentation with dermal fillers, there are pros and cons of each. Some are not dissolvable, some give you nothing over the long term and have a propensity to migrate to other areas of the face. Some tend to cause more swelling and bruising.

NewStem™ takes all the best bits of different dermal filler treatments and combines them into one, quick, affordable and non-invasive treatment. It has been pioneered by two of Australia’s leading cosmetic medical professionals, and is exclusively available with them. Essentially, the procedure experience is the same as any dermal filler treatment. The difference is in the combination of products, and the approach to their injection that differs.

How is NewStem™ performed?

NewStem™ uses small injections of an exclusive combination of fillers, anaesthetic and collagen boosters to areas of volume and collagen loss, or areas requiring volume augmentation.

There is an instant result, that will improve over time as your body makes collagen. Bruising, swelling and discomfort are kept to a minimum through the use of anaesthetic and other constituents. Even better is that if you don’t like the result or have a lump (a rarity!), the result can be partially reversed.

How is NewStem™ different to dermal fillers?

NewStem™ is a dermal filler. The key difference compared to traditional dissolvable dermal filler is that it both produces collagen, and has an adjustable result (can be dissolved).

It also combined the benefit of local anaesthetic to ensure a comfortable procedure, and a constituent to reduce bleeding and bruising. In short, it has the best of everything!

What do I need to avoid after the treatment?

In general, you can resume all activity immediately after your procedure. However, certain activities (such as intense exercise) may increase the risk of bruising and swelling. Ideally, you should ice the treated area after your procedure, avoid makeup for 12 hours, and avoid intense exercise for 24 hours to ensure a swift recovery.

If you want to know more about NewStem™ you can send a message via the website, upload photos using the contact form for an opinion, book an online consult, or book an in- person appointment to see if you’re suitable and to have the treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does NewStem™ cost?

The cost of NewStem™ depending on the areas treated and the extent of your treatment. How much is done will depend on your goals and areas of concern. The best option is to get an opinion by uploading your photos and outlining what you are wanting to achieve. We can then help to provide an approximate quote for your treatment.

Is NewStem™ safe?

NewStem™ is a very safe procedure. It is founded on principles used around the world for both dissolvable and collagen stimulating injections. It has been designed to maximise the benefits (both short and long term) from the treatment, whilst minimising any risks associated with dermal filler injections. You get the instant volume correction, the collagen, and a way to reduce the amount of correction and improve lumps if they occur (although this is rare!).

Is NewStem™ painful?

NewStem™ is relatively painless and is performed with small injections. Strong numbing is used with injections so that any discomfort during and after your treatment is kept to a minimum. What is the downtime? There is no downtime with NewStem™. There may be some swelling and bruising.

How long will results last?

Results last beyond a year. Over 6-12 months, your results will improve as your body produces collagen. This collagen will last many years.