NewGenesis™ is a ground breaking approach to skin care, rejuvenation and preservation that involves a quick, safe, non-invasive and relatively pain-free procedure performed in the clinic. Premium TGA/FDA approved products and devices are used by pioneering medical doctors.

What is NewGenesis™?

NewGenesis™ is an intensive yet safe skin rejuvenation and preserving treatment developed by expert cosmetic doctors. The protocol is only available with the treatment’s pioneers, and is founded on the principles of skin ageing, targeted rejuvenation, and natural results that are long lasting and improve over time.

NewGenesis™ takes the emphasis away from anti wrinkle injections, and focusses on targeted rejuvenation. The skin is tightened by heat, collagen and elasticity are restored using plasma energy, with a resulting lift, pigmentation is improved using a topical solution and plasma, muscles (and therefore wrinkles) are relaxed with injections, and the skin texture and quality are improved with bespoke medical grade skin care.

How does NewGenesis™ work?

NewGenesis™ directly targets skin ageing by using the best evidenced based skin rejuvenating devices and treatments in particular combinations to achieve natural and long lasting skin improvements. When considering the skin, there are specific age related changes that occur.

The skin stretches, it sags, it loses collagen and elasticity, it pigments, and wrinkles as facial muscles try and support the sag. Anti-wrinkle injections are typically the go to, but the only address the muscle compensation, and not the skin. This means long term benefits are limited, the sag and stretch is not being addressed, and people end up with a frozen or stunned appearance unnecessarily.

The result – natural rejuvenation that preserves expression, and doesn’t lead to frozen faces and the need to get anti wrinkle injections every 3 months with minimal long term improvement.

How is NewGenesis™ performed?

NewGenesis™ is a treatment that combines a number of different products and devices to improve the skin at all levels. During your treatment, you will have a skin rejuvenating solution applied to the skin.

Once completed, you will have topical anaesthetic cream applied to your face and neck. After about 20 minutes when the skin is numb, your face and neck will be cleaned, and your skin tightened using heated needles and/or plasma.

This process takes around 10-15 minutes. At the end of your procedure, anti-wrinkle injections will be used to address all areas of wrinkles and muscle tension on the face and neck. In certain cases, you will also be provided a prescription for a strong custom skin rejuvenating cream that will be made by a pharmacist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NewGenesis™ safe?

NewGenesis™ has an impeccable safety record. It only uses the safest products and devices and is performed by two of Australia’s leading cosmetic medicine experts.

Is NewGenesis™ painful?

Anaesthetic is used during your NewGenesis™ treatment. There may some slight discomfort, but this is short lived.

What is the downtime?

You may have some redness following your NewGenesis™ treatment. For intensive treatments, there may be some skin redness and flaking for 1-2 weeks.

How long will results last?

The benefits of a regular NewGenesis™ will last many years. The main advantage is that you get short term and long term results. The short term wrinkle relaxing component will last on average 3-5 months. Best long term results are achieved by having a treatment every 6-12 months.

What do I need to avoid after the treatment?

Following your NewGenesis™ treatment, you must avoid using active skin care products for at least 48 hours.

If you want to know more about NewGenesis™, you can send a message via the website, upload photos using the contact form for an opinion, book an online consult, or book an in- person appointment to see if you’re suitable and to have the treatment!