Facial slimming injections can be used to slim the face and alleviate the symptoms of teeth grinding and jaw clenching by reducing the size of the masseter muscle. Facial slimming can also be combined with cheekbone fillers to improve the facial structure, making it appear slimmer, more contoured, and tapered.

Dr. Aaron is experienced in achieving aesthetically pleasing facial slimming results using premium products and a personalised approach to your treatment.

What is facial slimming?

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Expert jawline and facial slimming treatment is available in Melbourne

Dr. Aaron Stanes understands the important points of a well-performed jawline slimming procedure. So, if you’re looking for the best jawline slimming in Melbourne, Dr. Aaron can help give you a delicate jawline, and alleviate the pain and discomfort from clenching your jaw.

How does jawline and facial slimming work?

Facial slimming injections temporarily interrupt the communication between nerves and the bite muscle. The result is that the muscle loses strength, and then slims over 4-6 weeks. Patients experience a reduction in their teeth grinding within 1-2 weeks. The muscle strength and size will gradually return over 6-12 months, although repeated treatments may have longer-lasting results.

Are facial and jawline slimming injections safe?

Jawline slimming has an excellent safety profile when done by an excellent cosmetic doctor, with a very rare risk of temporary smile asymmetry that resolves over 6-8 weeks. There is also a rare risk of paradoxical muscle bulging of the bite muscle if an area has been undertreated. A top-up treatment can be performed to relax the bulging bite muscle, solving this problem. Jawline slimming takes only minutes, and there is almost no discomfort, and you can get back to your day immediately.

Your go-to facial slimming clinic in Melbourne

Facial slimming is a popular treatment to improve the shape of your lower face. Also known as jawline slimming, and jaw re-shaping or reshaping, this treatment uses injections to relax and slim the masseter bite muscle of the lower face. The masseter muscle helps us chew food, and if overdeveloped, can give the face a square and wide appearance, or cause jaw clenching, teeth grinding, and TMP pain in front of your ear.

Facial slimming uses anti-wrinkle injections to reduce the size and strength of the masseter muscle.

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and been displeased at the shape and bulk of your lower face, then facial slimming injections are available in Melbourne and can help.

Ensure you get the best facial slimming injections in Melbourne

If you are looking for facial slimming injections in Melbourne, Dr. Aaron provides high quality and safe anti-wrinkle injections to slim the face and jawline.

With extensive medical training and cosmetic injectables experience, Dr. Aaron ensures that your facial slimming treatment is done safely and effectively.

If you have excess lower cheek fat and fullness, then you may need cheek liposuction or a bichectomy (buccal fat removal) to slim your face. This is because facial slimming injections treat the muscle, not the fat. Some people may have large masseter muscles and excess fat. In this case, facial slimming injections to the bite muscle can achieve a partial improvement.

How much does facial slimming treatment cost in Melbourne?

The price of facial slimming injections starts from $675 and has an average cost of $800. The total price of your facial slimming treatment will depend on how large and strong your bite muscles are, and how slim you would like your face to be.

Contour your jawline and treat teeth grinding and bruxism with safe facial slimming injections

Using anti-wrinkle injections, you can achieve a slim and delicate jawline and improve the symptoms of teeth grinding and clenching (no more visits to the dentist for expensive mouth guards!). Combining facial slimming injections with cheek fillers and a chin filler augmentation is the perfect way to achieve a feminine, V-shaped facial contour you have been dreaming of.


Achieve a tapered and contoured jawline with facial slimming Melbourne

Ensure you are in the safest hands when it comes to your facial slimming injections and teeth grinding treatments. Dr. Aaron is a qualified medical practitioner with experience in bot facial slimming injections and teeth grinding and jaw clenching treatments.

When it comes to facial slimming injections and teeth grinding treatments, you can trust that Dr. Aaron will put you first. Your satisfaction and safety are Dr. Aaron’s priority.

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Facial slimming prices

The cost of your treatment is calculated by combining the procedure fee with the consumable fee.

Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment.


Facial slimming procedure fee

The procedure fee is a fixed cost per procedure regardless of the number of areas or quantity of product used.


Facial slimming consumable fee

The consumable fee is proportional to the extent of treatment and is structured to ensure that those who need higher quantities of product to achieve their results do not have to pay exorbitant prices.

$12.50 per unit

Cheek filler

Expertly injected premium cheek filler can give the face a slimmer appearance and has an average price of $1500.

From $775

Chin filler

Expertly injected premium chin filler can give the face a slimmer appearance and has an average price of $1500.

From $775

Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Look and feel your best

The secret benefits of facial slimming Melbourne

Facial slimming injections are a powerful treatment that can both slim your face, giving you a more aesthetically pleasing jawline, and treat painful jaw clenching and teeth grinding. By relaxing the masseter muscle of the jawline (the bite muscle) with facial slimming injections, you can improve both the structure of your lower face and alleviate painful conditions that may damage your teeth and TMJ joint.

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What can facial slimming injections do?

  • slim the lower face, giving it a more tapered and feminine appearance;
  • reduce the appearance of a bulky, square and masculine jawline;
  • alleviate teeth grinding and jaw clenching;
  • improve the symptoms of jaw clenching such as TMJ pain and headaches;
  • prevent damage to the teeth from grinding.

Understanding your treatment

The top three ways to slim your face without surgery or weight loss

An attractive, heart-shaped lower face can be achieved with safe non surgical cosmetic injectables.

Best treatments to reshape your lower face and jawline:

  • facial slimming injections to relax and shrink the masseter muscle, giving the lower face a slimmer and more delicate appearance;
  • cheek fillers to structure and contour the mid face, making the lower face and jawline appear slimmer and more feminine by comparison;
  • chin augmentation with dermal fillers to add length and projection to the lower face, helping it to appear more tapered and heart shaped.

The best way to slim the face often involves combining the different treatment approaches listed above. This ensures that you achieve noticeable results that still look natural and elegant.

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Jawline slimming

Before and after one facial slimming treatment with injections to the masseter muscle. After photos were taken 6 weeks following treatment.

Woman face difference

Cheek and chin fillers have been used to give the face a slimmer, more tapered appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do facial slimming injections work?

Facial slimming is a procedure that uses anti-wrinkle injections to relax the masseter (bite) muscle of the jawline. Over time, the relaxed muscle will reduce in size, giving the face a slimmer appearance. There will also be an improvement in the symptoms of teeth grinding and jawline clenching. The effect will gradually wear off over 3-6 months.

Are facial slimming injections worth it?

When performed in the appropriate person, the satisfaction rate of facial slimming injections is very high. Facial slimming treatments are very popular and have minimal side effects and no downtime.

How do I know if facial slimming injections are right for me?

Facial slimming injections can treat a number of concerns, including:

  • A square and bulky lower face due to a large masseter (bite) muscle. Facial slimming injections can slim the lower face, giving it a softer, more tapered appearance;
  • An overly round and full face;
  • TMJ pain due to jaw clenching;
  • Headaches from jaw clenching;
  • Damage to your teeth from teeth grinding.


Are facial slimming injections painful?

Facial slimming injections are performed using tiny needles. They take only a few minutes to perform and have little to no discomfort.

What does facial slimming treatment involve?

Facial Slimming treatment is a simple, safe and effective procedure that can improve the shape of your lower face, and alleviate the symptoms of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Following a comprehensive consultation to ensure your suitability, anti wrinkle product is carefully injected using tiny needles into the masseter muscle of the jawline. There is minimal to no discomfort, and no downtime involved with Facial Slimming injections. Results are evident within 2-6 weeks, and last up to 6 months.


How safe are facial slimming injections?

Facial Slimming is a low risk treatment.

Rarely, if side effects do occur, they are most often minor, and resolve on their own. Some temporary side effects of Facial Slimming injections include:

  • Bruising;
  • Smile asymmetry;
  • Bulging of part of the bite muscle (this can be easily treated with a top-up Facial Slimming procedure).
What are the risks of facial slimming?

Facial slimming injections are very safe. There is a small risk of mild bruising, and a rare risk of temporarily weakening one of the smile muscles. This muscle is known as risorius and is located next to the masseter (bite) muscle. When injecting the masseter muscle to slim the face, we must be careful not to inject the risorius. If the risorius muscle is affected, the effect on your smile will be temporary and wear off quickly with no ongoing problems.


When will I see the results of facial slimming injections?

The results of Facial Slimming generally take 4-6 weeks to be seen. Those that have undergone Facial Slimming injections for teeth grinding will notice an improvement in their symptoms within 2-4 weeks. The results of Facial Slimming will last 3-6 months depending on the amount of product injected.

How long do the results of facial slimming injections last?

The results of Facial Slimming injections generally last from 3-6 months depending on the amount of product injected into the muscle.

Do facial slimming injections improve jawline definition?

Facial Slimming injections can improve the shape of the jawline and lower face. Despite wide-spread belief, Facial Slimming treatments do not increase jawline contour definition. Jawline sculpting with Dermal Fillers are used to improve the definition of the jawline, and can be used in combination with Facial Slimming injections to achieve a slim, tapered and defined jawline.


How do I prepare for my facial slimming treatment?

There are a few steps to take before your Facial Slimming treatment to ensure the best outcome, and the lowest risk of side effects. They include:

  • Ceasing all anti-inflammatories, aspirin, herbal supplements, fish oil, krill oil, glucosamine and vitamin E 1 week before your treatment (Unless you have been advised to take these by a Medical Practitioner).
  • Avoiding alcohol for 2 days before your treatment.

If you do not adhere to the above your treatment may still proceed, but you will have a higher risk of side effects such as bruising and swelling.

What can I expect after my facial slimming treatment?

Following your Facial Slimming treatment you will be able to get back to your day immediately. You may have some slight discomfort in the treated area that will improve quickly.

To reduce the risks of Facial Slimming, you should adhere to the following after your injections:

  • Apply an ice pack gently for any discomfort.
  • Do not touch the treated area for 4 hours.
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.

Why Choose Dr. Aaron?

By booking with Dr. Aaron, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading dedicated anti ageing & cosmetic doctors.

Feel confident knowing that your treatment will use only the highest quality products and equipment, and only the safest and most proven techniques. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speaks for itself.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • treatments performed with the utmost respect for your safety and wellbeing, with a results driven approach;
  • the use of only the highest quality products and equipment;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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