Sweat gland blocking injections for overactive sweat glands is a treatment that takes less than 20 minutes, with no downtime, and can help prevent sweating in problem areas with long lasting results.

The treatment is simple and can be used for multiple areas on the body that typically have overactive sweat glands, including:

  • underarms (axillary hyperhidrosis);
  • palms of the hands;
  • soles of the feet;
  • under breast;
  • scalp.

What are anti sweat injections?

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Stop stubborn sweating with injections in Melbourne

There’s nothing worse than sweating too much. Whether you’re at work, or out on the town. Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, can ruin your day. While most of the time, antiperspirant deodorant can help, for some, it is simply inadequate.

Being able to go out crisp, dry and odour free is empowering. Some people who have never dealt with sweating don’t appreciate how good it feels to get through most of a day without having to check your clothes for sweat stains.

For those that struggle with excessive sweating, and have been searching for the best treatments to stop sweating, there is now the perfect solution.

Sweat stopping injections with botulinum toxin provide a safe, no downtime, and proven way to effectively stop sweating with long-lasting results. Dr. Aaron offers injections to stop sweating at his clinic in Melbourne.

Why do some people sweat so much and so easily?

If you’re bothered by excessive sweating, generally it is simply due to genetics, and is harmless. There are however, certain medical conditions that can cause you to suffer from problem sweating. These include thyroid disease, hormone imbalance and infections.

When there is no cause, excessive sweating can be due to having naturally overactive sweat glands. Overactive sweat glands can affect many areas of the body, including the scalp, the nape of the neck, under the breasts, the hands, feet and the groin. Some people are affected by excessive and bothersome sweating in multiple areas of the body.

What treatments are there to stop sweating?

If sweating is due to medical conditions, the treatment of the cause will improve problem sweating.

For those with genetic excessive sweating, there are a number of treatment options. Botulinum toxin injections for excessive sweating is a simple, safe and effective treatment that can eliminate troublesome sweating with results lasting from 6-12 months.

Other treatment options include surgery, aluminium based deodorants (although these are often insufficient for problem sweating), and miraDry (a permanent, yet painful and expensive procedure).

Anti sweat injections with botulinum toxin is one of the most popular and effective treatments for problem sweating available, and has helped countless people around the world go about their day with confidence, no longer having to worry about how to stop sweating so much.

Dr. Aaron’s clinics in Melbourne offer treatments for excessive sweating using injections. If you are looking for effective treatments to stop sweating, then get in touch for more information. 

Best excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) treatment in Melbourne

Dr Aaron Stanes provides the best treatment to improve underarm sweating in Melbourne, and has developed and refined his technique and approach through many years of experience.

Fortunately, there is an effective and safe treatment available, that has no downtime, and almost no discomfort.

You can now stop excessive sweating with effective hyperhidrosis treatment in Melbourne

There are countless people around the world bothered by excessive sweating. Known as hyperhidrosis, it can affect many areas of the body, such as the forehead, scalp, underarms, under breasts, hands and feet. Fortunately, you can now stop excessive sweating with anti-sweat injections. In less than 15 minutes, and with no downtime, you can prevent excessive sweating in many areas of the body. Hyperhidrosis treatment with botulinum toxin injections works to block the activity of overactive sweat glands leaving you crisp, dry and confident. Anti sweat injections for hyperhidrosis can have results lasting up to 18 months.

How to treat hyperhidrosis?

The most effective way Dr. Aaron treats hyperhidrosis is through effective anti sweat injections with botulinum toxin. Injections are performed using tiny needles in the areas of concern to reduce sweat gland function. This procedure is temporary and does not permanently harm the sweat glands. It is a very effective and popular treatment, especially in people whose sweating affects their day to day life. Results are seen within two weeks and can last up to 18 months. Excessive sweating treatment with botulinum toxin (the same stuff used to improve wrinkles) is very effective at preventing excessive sweating.


Are anti sweat injections right for me?

If excessive sweating is causing you concerns with how you smell, or is limiting which clothes you can wear with confidence, then this treatment may be ideal for you. Treatment of underarm sweating with injections starts at $975, and it is quick to perform, you could do it on your lunch break and be right back to work.

If you are looking for other treatments for underarm sweating, you may have come across the following treatments for problem sweating (hyperhidrosis):

  • Aluminium chloride – A topical treatment found in some antiperspirant deodorants. It can be used anywhere on the body, but most commonly for underarm sweating.
  • Iontophoresis – A treatment that uses an electrically charged solution.
  • Thermal energy – A procedure that heats up and eliminates sweat and odour glands in the treated area, stopping them from functioning.

Anti sweat injections with botulinum toxin are one of the more popular ways to combat problematic sweating because they are very quick to perform, have essentially no pain, zero downtime and can be very effective for many people with excessive sweating in the underarms, scalp and hands.

Enjoy the confidence that comes with excessive sweating treatments Melbourne

No longer must you be bothered by excessive sweating. With expert sweat gland blocking injections, you can enjoy the confidence of a dry, sweat free day.

Treat yourself to to the very best in anti sweat injections with this no downtime, walk in walk out treatment.

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Excessive sweating treatment prices

The cost of your excessive sweating treatment depends on the area, and severity of your sweating.

Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment.


Anti-sweat Injections

Premium anti sweat injections to the underarms, hands, feet, under breast, or scalp.

From $990

Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Hyperhidrosis treatment areas

Excessive sweating can affect many areas of your body. Fortunately, there are effective treatments for the most common areas affected by hyperhidrosis. Enjoy the confidence that comes with dry skin year-round with anti-sweat injections.

Areas that can be treated for excessive sweating:

Armpit sweating

Anti sweat injections can be used to stop problematic under arm sweating. With results lasting up to 12 months, you can enjoy dry skin and not have to worry about sweat stains or unpleasant under arm odour.

Palms of the hands

Sweaty palms can be extremely debilitating for many people. Whether you only have pesky sweating every now and then, or chronic and severe sweating all day long, anti sweat injections are an effective way to safely improve your sweaty palms.

Soles of the feet

For those bothered by sweaty feet, anti sweat injections are an effective treatment option. Not only can they help to keep your skin dry, they can also assist in managing unpleasant foot odour.


Treating the scalp with anti sweat injections is a safe and effective way to keep your skin dry. It only takes a few minutes and has no downtime. Scalp sweat blocking injections are a very popular treatment.

Under breast

Some women find that they are bothered by excessive under breast sweating. In some cases, the problem may e noticeable to others if the sweat leaves marks on your clothes during the day. Under breast anti sweat injections are a safe and effective treatment option that can stop troublesome under breast sweating.

Excessive Sweating fillers

Know your options

The best treatments for problem sweating

There are many effective treatments to deal with problem sweating. Each treatment has pros and cons, and the right treatment option for you will depend on your own specific circumstances and needs.

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Treatment options for problem sweating:

  • anti sweat injections: this is a simple and effective treatment option that only takes a few minutes. A solution (the same used to reduce wrinkles) is injected with tiny needles to the affected area, with results that can last up to a year for many people.;
  • aluminium based antiperspirant deodorants: a simple option, this treatment requires routine topical application. It can cause skin irritation and chemical burns in rare cases, and is not effective for everyone;
  • radiofrequency microneedling: administering thermal energy to the sweat glands can help to stop problem sweating. This treatment is effective for some people, but may take multiple treatments and can be very painful;
  • sympathectomy: this is a surgical treatment to permanently stop problem sweating. It is highly effective but carries the risks of surgery, as well as the potential to develop compensatory increases in sweating in other areas of the body.

Understanding your treatments

Why anti sweat injections are a popular treatment to stop problem sweating

Using anti sweat injections to treat problem sweating is a popular option for may people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. The treatment is simple, and only takes a few minutes to perform.

Tiny needles are used to inject a solution (the same that is used to soften the appearance of wrinkles on the face). This solution stops the sweat glands from functioning.

Benefits of anti sweat injections:

  • easy treatment option that can be done in only a few minutes;
  • no downtime, so you can get back to your day immediately after treatment;
  • long lasting results, sometimes beyond 12 months;
  • highly effective and consistent treatment with dramatic improvements in sweating for many people.
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is hyperhidrosis?

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis is caused by overactive sweat glands. It can affect many parts of the body, but most commonly the armpits.

Why do I sweat so much?

Most commonly excessive sweating is benign, however, there are important medical conditions that may be responsible including infections and thyroid problems. Dr Aaron is a trained Medical Doctor who can recognise and refer you for appropriate care if there is any concern of underlying causes.

How does sweat reducing injections work?

Anti wrinkle injections are performed to the areas of concern with small needles. The product is placed just below the skin where the sweat glands are located, and works to block the action of the chemical that stimulates sweat gland activity.

The procedure takes around 10 minutes, and you can resume normal activity immediately. In general, results last up to 18 months.

What areas can be treated with sweat blocking injections?

The following areas can be treated for excessive sweating:

  • under arms;
  • under breast;
  • palms of the hands;
  • soles of the feet;
  • scalp.


What does hyperhidrosis treatment involve?

Hyperhidrosis treatment uses Anti Wrinkle injections to stop armpit sweating. Following a thorough consultation and assessment, Dr Aaron will advise on the amount of treatment required to achieve your goals. The procedure takes approximately 15 minutes, and there is only mild discomfort. A very small needle is used to inject the product just under the skin, and some people report a slight stinging sensation as the product is being injected. There tends to be no discomfort or pain after the injection. The results will appear between 2 and 4 weeks. Dr Aaron does not routinely follow up with his Hyperhidrosis patients. Repeat treatment may be required at 4 weeks to optimise the outcome.


Is hyperhidrosis treatment for excessive sweating safe?

Yes. Hyperhidrosis treatment is safe. As with any medical procedure, there are still risks and side effects. Dr Aaron will discuss these in depth with you during your consultation. Side effects are uncommon, but include:

  • itching;
  • mild irritation at the treated site.

Rare risks include:

  • Temporary flu-like illness.

The side effects of hyperhidrosis treatment are self-limiting, and will resolve on their own.

What are the potential side effects?

Bruising and swelling are rare. There is an extremely low risk of a temporary cold-like illness that resolves on its own.


How long does hyperhidrosis treatment last?

Hyperhidrosis treatment last 6-12 months, with subsequent treatments having a significantly better effect compared to the initial treatment.

Will I sweat more in other areas after having treatment for excessive sweating?

Recent studies have shown that despite previously held beliefs, treatment with anti sweat injections for excessive sweating should not cause an increase in sweating from other areas.


What should I do before my hyperhidrosis treatment?

There are a few steps to take before your Hyperhidrosis treatment to ensure the best outcome and the lowest risk of side effects. They include:

  • Ceasing all anti-inflammatories, aspirin, herbal supplements, fish oil, krill oil, glucosamine and vitamin E 1 week before your treatment (Unless you have been advised to take these by a Medical Practitioner).
  • Avoiding alcohol for 2 days before your treatment.

If you do not adhere to the above your treatment may still proceed, but you will have a higher risk of side effects.

What should I do after my hyperhidrosis treatment?

Following your treatment you will be provided with full aftercare instructions. You will be able to resume most normal activity immediately. The most important instructions are the following:

  • Apply an ice pack gently for any discomfort.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours.
  • Do not apply topical antipersperants for 24 hours.
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours.

Why Choose Dr. Aaron?

By booking with Dr. Aaron, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading dedicated anti ageing & cosmetic doctors.

Feel confident knowing that your treatment will use only the highest quality products and equipment, and only the safest and most proven techniques. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speaks for itself.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • treatments performed with the utmost respect for your safety and wellbeing, with a results driven approach;
  • the use of only the highest quality products and equipment;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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