Dr. Aaron is one of Australia’s leading experts in non-surgical chin augmentations. Using premium dermal fillers and a personalised approach, you can improve the shape, size and symmetry of your chin. Non-surgical chin augmentation is the perfect option for those with small and under-projected chins who are looking to improve the balance and definition of their jawline and side profile.

What is a chin augmentation?

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Expert chin filler injections in Melbourne

Some people are born with small chins, however as we age, bone and fat loss leads to a lack of chin projection. This is where restoring lost volume with chin fillers can help. They take only minutes, and the results are immediate. Best of all, you can return to your normal daily routine immediately.

Trust in a cosmetic doctor providing only the best chin fillers in Melbourne. Ensure you are in safe and experienced hands by seeing Dr. Aaron for your chin augmentation fillers. You can feel comfortable knowing that your best interests are put first and that safety and great results are the priority.

Chin augmentation with fillers for a defined jawline

Chin injections are a great treatment for those people lacking confidence due to the shape or size of their chin. There are many reasons why people feel self-conscious about the appearance of their chin. It may be asymmetrical, recessed, small (retrognathia), too wide or too narrow. An unbalanced chin can make your face look out of balance, contribute to a double chin, and make your nose look too large by comparison.

Fortunately, dermal filler injections for the chin are available in Melbourne with Dr. Aaron Stanes.

Chin filler injections add volume and can give the chin a more pleasing appearance. When done with precision, high quality chin fillers can:

  • correct asymmetry;
  • widen a narrow chin;
  • narrow a wide chin;
  • lengthen a short chin;
  • project a recessed chin;
  • enlarge a small chin;
  • improve the appearance of a double chin and the jawline definition;
  • improve the side profile balance.

Chin fillers for a defined and contoured look

Injecting the chin with dermal fillers is the perfect option for those wanting to look more defined and feel more confident. When you use the best fillers for a chin augmentation, you can achieve balanced, natural yet noticeable results that improve your side profile, jawline definition and lower face. If you want an even better result, consider incorporating your chin filler injections with jawline sculpting, a side profile-plasty or with double chin injections to remove under chin fat.

Improve your side profile and double chin with chin filler injections

Achieving a defined, graceful and contoured look is now possible with cosmetic injectables to the nose, lips, forehead, chin and under chin. In Melbourne, Dr. Aaron offers personalised dermal fillers and fat dissolving injections to refine your appearance and help you feel more confident.

Natural and defined chin injections in Melbourne

If you are looking to improve the appearance and shape of your chin with dermal filler injections in Melbourne, Dr. Aaron Stanes offers high quality and personalised chin augmentation procedures without surgery. The best chin filler injections are personalised, and tailored to your goals, and the shape of your face. Feel confident knowing that your chin filler injections are personalised, and done safely and with the highest quality products.

How much do chin fillers cost in Melbourne?

Chin fillers have a starting price of $750, and the average cost is between $1500 and $2150. The price of your chin injections will depend on the extent and complexity of your treatment, and how much filler is required.

Dr. Aaron is the expert when it comes to chin augmentation Melbourne

Choose only the best when it comes to your injectable chin augmentation with dermal fillers.

Your personalised chin fillers will help you look defined and contoured without being overdone or fake. You deserve to be the best version of you.

When it comes to a non surgical chin augmentation, choose Dr. Aaron.

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Chin Augmentation Prices

The cost of your chin filler augmentation is determined by the extent of your treatment and the modalities used.

Comprehensive consultation

*Your consultation fee is redeemable against the cost of treatment performed during your appointment.


Chin filler

Expertly injected premium chin filler has an average price of $1500.

From $775

Under the chin fat dissolving

Achieve a comprehensive chin augmentation by combining chin filler with double chin fat dissolving. Each session is $950 regardless of your under chin fat volume.


Follow-up appointment

All treatments performed by Dr. Aaron come with the option of complimentary follow-up to review your results.


Understanding the chin

How chin shape affects your appearance

The chin plays a significant role in your appearance. Depending on your chin shape, your face may look more masculine, more feminine, more angular, or more tapered. When the shape of your chin doesn’t match your face, it can give you an unbalanced appearance.

When assessing the chin, we consider the following features:

  • width;
  • length;
  • projection (whether the chin is over or under projected);
  • the presence of asymmetry or dimples.


Generally, a masculine chin is wider and more angular, whereas a feminine chin will be tapered and more curved.

Chin asymmetry is common, and many people may be bothered by a small, weak or recessed chin that lacks projection. Under projected chins can leave you with a lack of jawline definition, and make your face appear unbalanced. Fortunately, dermal filler injections can improve many concerns people have about the appearance of their chin.

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Face Shapes

Sculpting your dream chin

Why chin augmentation is a game-changing cosmetic treatment

Using dermal fillers to reshape the chin is one of the best treatments for improving facial balance. Different approaches to chin fillers can be used to improve many aspects of your appearance. Some of the more common uses of chin filler are:

  • adding projection to a recessed chin to improve both the side profile and jawline definition;
  • to add length to a square chin so that it appears more tapered and feminine;
  • to widen a chin so that it appears more angular and masculine;
  • to correct asymmetry, improving the balance of the chin;
  • filling a cleft chin (the dimple in the middle of the chin);
  • reversing the signs of chin ageing;
  • to reduce under chin fullness.


Chin fillers are quick, safe and have minimal discomfort. They provide an effective way to instantly reshape your chin, improving your facial balance, side profile, jawline definition and overall appearance.

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Dermal fillers are used to add projection to a recessed chin.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How does chin augmentation with dermal filler work?

Chin augmentation is a procedure involving the injection of TGA approved Dermal Fillers directly to the chin to augment its shape. The chin can also be blended with surrounding areas such as the jawline and lips, to achieve a harmonious and balanced result.

It can improve the shape and definition of the lower face, reduce the appearance of a double chin, and improve the side profile by harmonising the lips, nose and chin.

Anaesthetic can be used to minimise discomfort, and the skin will be cleaned to reduce the risk of infection.

Chin fillers give an immediate result that may last years, and can be reversed if required.

How do I know if chin augmentation is right for me?

If you are concerned about the shape of your lower face, or notice that your chin and jawline aren’t what you like, or are losing definition with age, then chin augmentation with fillers may be the ideal treatment for you.

Are chin fillers better than a chin implant?

Chin fillers provide many benefits over a chin implant. They are safe to inject, have no downtime, and are much safer than having a chin implant inserted. They can also be reversed.

Chin implants are more expensive and have risks of permanent nerve injury and scarring. They also require surgery if they need to be removed which leads to additional costs, risks and downtime.

The benefit of a chin implant is that it is permanent. However, as you age, the implant will not change, meaning that it may need to be exchanged with a new implant that matches the changes in your face. Chin fillers can be injected to match your face, and adjusted as you age, meaning your results will always match your face.


Is chin augmentation treatment painful?

Chin augmentation with fillers has minimal discomfort. Anaesthetics creams and ice can be used to minimise any pain, although generally it is very well tolerated.


Are chin augmentation injections safe?

Chin filler injections are a low risk treatment. Some side effects include:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness

There are other rare risks which will be discussed with you during your consultation.

What are the side effects of chin fillers?

The main side effects of chin fillers are bruising and swelling which resolve over a few days.


How long do the results of a chin augmentation with dermal fillers last?

Chin fillers typically last one to two years for most people.

What should I do if I don't like the results of chin fillers?

Many people who have never had dermal fillers are worried about how they will look after their treatment. They are concerned that they will look unnatural or fake.

After your treatment, there will be some swelling which may take a few weeks to settle. Following the healing process, the far majority of people are very pleased with the results.

If there are any persistent concerns, or if you don’t feel like chin filler is for you, then it can be easily reversed by using an injection of hylase to dissolve the filler.

Can chin fillers help my double chin?

If you have noticed fullness under your chin, then chin augmentation with dermal fillers may help to improve your double chin. Chin fillers can improve a double chin by elongating the face. This stretches the under chin skin over a larger area, preventing it from sagging.

Can chin fillers look like a ball?

Properly injected chin fillers should not look like a ball. Poor technique and improper placement of chin fillers can give the chin a round ball-like appearance. 

If this occurs, it can be easily treated by using an injection of hylase to dissolve the chin fillers.

Can chin filler make my nose look smaller?

Chin augmentation with dermal filler can help to make the nose appear smaller. It does this be improving the balance and harmony of the face which takes the focus off the nose.

Will chin filler improve my side profile?

Yes, chin fillers are very beneficial in improving the side profile. They improve facial balance, and jawline contour, helping to give you are defined side profile.

Can chin filler treat a round face?

Yes. Chin filler can elongate the lower face by adding projection. This creates a more tapered and v-shaped lower face, making it appear less round, and more balanced with improved jawline definition.


Can I feel chin filler under my skin after it's injected?

After your chin filler treatment, you may be able to feel firm areas under skin. This is completely normal and to be expected. It will resolve naturally over 2-4 weeks. Persistent lumps are very easy to treat if they are not resolving after 4 weeks.

Can my chin fillers move?

For the far majority of people, fillers do not migrate. Most cases of filler moving are due to the use of improper technique, use of the wrong filler or the injection of too much filler.

Migration can still occur in very rare cases. If it does occur, it is very easy to treat by using an injection of hylase to dissolve the filler.

Why Choose Dr. Aaron?

By booking with Dr. Aaron, you will be treated by one of Australia’s leading dedicated anti ageing & cosmetic doctors.

Feel confident knowing that your treatment will use only the highest quality products and equipment, and only the safest and most proven techniques. Dr. Aaron’s thousands of satisfied patients speaks for itself.

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Every treatment performed by Dr. Aaron comes with the following:

  • a comprehensive consultation to discuss your concerns in detail;
  • a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals;
  • treatments performed with the utmost respect for your safety and wellbeing, with a results driven approach;
  • the use of only the highest quality products and equipment;
  • a complimentary follow up appointment to review your results if desired.

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