Large calf muscles can give the legs a more masculine and muscular appearance. For some, fat reduction may be required in cases where large calves are due to excess fat, rather than large muscles.

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Calf Slimming Injections in Melbourne and Sydney

The shape of our lower legs is determined by the muscle bulk and shape (mainly of the gastrocnemius), and the fat overlying the muscle bulk. There are other deeper muscles that have important functions in blood flow, but these are not treated in calf slimming procedures.

People with large calves, either due to genetics in the case of muscle mass or fat, or exercise in the case of muscle mass, may be bothered by the shape of their legs, particularly in Summer months when wearing short dresses, skirts, shorts or swimsuits. Calf slimming with anti wrinkle injections effectively targets large calves due to muscle mass. The injections cause the muscle to relax, and then shrink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do calf slimming injections work?

Calf slimming works by using anti wrinkle injections to weaken and relax the gastrocnemius muscle. Relaxing this muscle causes it to shrink over time, leading to slimmer calves.

Are calf slimming injections painful?

Calf slimming injections have minimal discomfort, as only tiny needles are used.

How long do calf slimming injections take?

Calf slimming treatment can be safely performed in less than ten minutes by an experienced practitioner.

How long until I see results from calf slimming?

Your calf slimming results will gradually become evident over 6-8 weeks.

How long do calf slimming injections last?

The results from calf slimming injections generally last from 5-9 months.

Are calf slimming injections safe?

Calf slimming injections are a very safe treatment. The main risks are bruising and swelling..

Will I have leg weakness after calf slimming injections?

Some people experience a degree of leg weakness after calf slimming. This weakness resolves as the effect wears off over 5-9 months. For that reason, this treatment is not recommended in athletes, or people who have work or hobbies that require physical activity.

Can calf slimming injections cause blood clots?

Blood clots are extremely unlikely following a correctly performed calf slimming procedure. There is some information claiming that weakening the gastrocnemius muscle leads to a reduction in leg blood flow, which may increase the risk of blood clots in the legs.

In fact, it is the deeper soleus muscle that predominantly works to pump blood from the legs back to the heart. Generally speaking, the gastrocnemius is only partially weakened in this procedure.