Calf slimming works by using anti-wrinkle products to relax and shrink the gastrocnemius muscle of the calves. This leads to a slimming effect over 4-6 weeks, creating a more delicate and feminine shape to the lower legs.

For those with larger calves due to excess stubborn fat that doesn’t shift with diet and exercise, fat reduction treatments such as fat dissolving injections to the legs or calf liposuction may be required to achieve a slimmer, more tapered appearance.

What are calf slimming injections?

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Slim your calves without surgery in Melbourne

Many people are bothered by the shape and size of their calves. Overdeveloped muscles and excess fat can lead to large, bulky, masculine calves. Online, you’ll find countless articles with information about how to reduce the size of large calves, and how to slim your legs. Unfortunately, many of these leg slimming strategies are unsuccessful.

Women with bigger calves often feel self-conscious, and may not be able to wear the clothes they want with confidence. Perhaps you avoid wearing shorts and skirts, or perhaps you struggle to fit your bigger calves into jeans.

Dr. Aaron offers non-surgical solutions to reduce the size of your legs with calf slimming injections in Melbourne, Australia. If you want to get slimmer calves, then read on to learn more.

How can I reduce the size of my calves?

Long and slim legs are a beautiful feature desired by many people around the world, however, not all of us are blessed with slim and shapely calves. There is nothing more empowering than being able to head out confidently, wearing shorts or a skirt, and your favourite pair of shoes.

In your quest for slim legs, you may have come across different exercises, different diets, different supplements. But before we know what can really help, we need to know why some people have bigger legs and calves.

The lower leg, or calves, get their size from muscle and fat. The muscle bulk is often genetically determined, but can also be increased by exercise and physical work. Fat is also often related to genetics, with people of even normal weight struggling to slim their legs.

With genetics playing such a big role, it is inevitable that leg slimming exercises and diets to lose leg fat are often disappointing.

So, what can help? Slim leg injections are a safe, evidence-based treatment option to give you the slim legs of your dreams. You can finally look forward to showing off head-turning legs in the warmer months.

So, how do you get slim legs with injections? Calf slimming injections to shrink the calf muscle is the first step. This helps those struggling with large, muscular calves. The second treatment to get slim legs is fat dissolving injections to permanently remove stubborn fat on the knee, leg and ankle. Calf liposuction can also be done if for calves with extensive fat tissue.

Slim leg injections for large calves

Slim legs without surgery is now possible in Melbourne using injections. Now, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with slim and shapely legs. Large bulky muscles can be reduced, and stubborn cankle or knee fat can be permanently removed with injections that take less than 10 minutes. Best of all, there is almost no significant risk involved, and you can get back to your day straight after your treatment. Injections for slimmer calves are growing in popularity around Australia.

So, if you are bothered by the shape and size of your calves. Dr. Aaron offers calf slimming and leg shaping injections in his Melbourne clinic.

Why consider calf slimming injections in Melbourne?

The shape of our lower legs is determined by the muscle bulk and shape (mainly of the gastrocnemius), and the fat overlying the muscle bulk. There are other deeper muscles that have important functions in blood flow, but these are not treated in calf slimming procedures.

People with large calves, either due to genetics in the case of muscle mass or fat, or exercise in the case of muscle mass, may be bothered by the shape of their legs, particularly in Summer months when wearing short dresses, skirts, shorts or swimsuits. Calf slimming with anti-wrinkle injections effectively targets large calves due to muscle mass. The injections cause the muscle to relax and then shrink.

What are the causes of big or large calves?

The size of the leg and calves are determined by two things. The first is the size of the calf muscles. The calf muscles that contribute to the size of the calves are the soleus and the gastrocnemius. Another calf muscle known as plantaris is very small and does not contribute significantly to the size of the lower legs. The second thing contributing to the size of the calves is fat tissue.

For those people that have large calves and would like to slim them, the first thing to determine is whether the size of the calves is primarily due to large calf muscles, fat, or a combination of the two. Depending on the reason for your large calves, different treatment options exist.

Calf slimming injections reduce the size of the calf muscles, specifically the gastrocnemius muscle. The mechanism for calf slimming injections is the same for facial and jawline slimming. Injecting the anti-wrinkle product into the gastrocnemius muscle relaxes it. The follow on effect from a relaxed muscle is a gradual reduction in size and strength.

For those with excess fat giving them large calves, fat reduction treatments can be used. There are a number of available fat reduction treatments that may be used to slim the calves. These include fat freezing for the calves, calf and ankle or cankle fat dissolving injections and liposuction. Each treatment option has certain positive and negative qualities. The most effective treatment for excessive lower leg fat is liposuction. Fat freezing often provides minimal results, and accordingly, the preferred non-surgical option for excess fat on the lower legs, calves and ankles is fat dissolving injections.

What treatments are there for large calves?

The ideal treatment option for large calves depends on the cause. Generally speaking, people have large calves for three reasons. The first is due to an overdeveloped gastrocnemius (calf) muscle. The second is due to excess fat of the calves, lower legs and ankles. The third is due to a combination of large muscles and excess fat.

The treatment options for calf reduction include:

  • Calf slimming injections to shrink the overdeveloped calf muscles.
  • Liposuction to reduce excess fat on the legs, calves and ankles (or cankles) and provide a more defined shape.
  • Fat dissolving injections to reduce targeted areas of unwanted fat of the legs, calves and ankles.
  • Fat freezing of the calf fat, although this often yields very subtle results.

Calf slimming injections with anti-wrinkle products are the best treatment option for large or hypertrophied calf muscles. The results take 4-6 weeks to be visible and must be maintained approximately every 6 months. If consistent treatment is performed, then the calves generally become slimmer and more shapely over time, leading to a reduction in the quantity of anti-wrinkle product needed, and increasing the longevity of the results.

Fat reduction treatments generally have a permanent benefit in improving the shape and size of the lower legs.

How does calf slimming work?

Calf slimming injections use targeted injections of botulinum toxin into the gastrocnemius muscle to reduce its size. The injected product reduces the communication between the motor nerves and the calf muscle, reducing its strength. This reduction in strength then results in a progressive shrinking effect over 6-8 weeks, similar to when a bodybuilder stops going to the gym.

If treatments are not repeated to maintain the results, then the calf muscle will gradually return.

Calf slimming injections are very popular in parts of Asia and are growing in popularity in Australia. They are safe treatments and have no downtime.

How many units are needed to slim the calf muscles?

The calf muscles need a large number of anti-wrinkle units to cause a slimming effect. For facial slimming of the masseter muscle, anywhere from 20-40 units per side (or 50-120 units per side depending on the type of anti-wrinkle product), is generally required. For the calf muscles, 100-150 units (or 250-375 units) per side may be needed to slim the gastrocnemius calf muscle. The reason that the calf muscle needs more units is that it is larger and stronger than the muscles of the face.

Are calf reduction treatments safe?

Calf slimming injections are very safe. They involve the injection of anti wrinkle units into the gastrocnemius muscle of the calves. This reduces the strength of the gastrocnemius muscle, causing it to reduce in size over 6-8 weeks. Some mild side effects of calf slimming injections include:

  • Mild discomfort at the injection site.
  • Mild bruising at the injection site.
  • Slight reduction in strength of the calves, important for those who have physically demanding jobs or hobbies.

The results of calf slimming injections are not permanent. They generally last around six months for most people. If not maintained, the calf muscles will return to their normal size and strength.

What are the risks of calf and leg slimming injections?

Calf slimming injections are very safe. Some important risks of calf slimming injections include:

  • Strength reduction. If you have a stronger calf slimming treatment then you may notice the strength of your calves reduces as they slim. For most people, this is barely noticeable and not bothersome. However, if you are very active, then you may have a reduction in strength and endurance that limits certain activities. If this is the case, you can either let the effect wear off on its own, or opt for more conservative treatment to find a balance between having slimmer calves and only a very mild reduction in strength.

Those with large calves may need to be patient with their results. As maintenance treatments are performed intermittently, the gastrocnemius calf muscle will continue to slim.

How much do calf slimming injections cost in Melbourne, Australia?

The price of calf slimming treatment is from $1450 per session. The total cost will depend on the size and strength of your calves, and how many anti wrinkle units you require. The average cost of calf slimming injections is $1450.

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Calf slimming injection prices

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Understanding your treatments

The causes of large calves and how to treat them

You may have large calves for a variety of reasons.

Common causes of enlarged calves:

  • overdeveloped calf muscles: hypertrophied gastrocnemius muscles can result from weight lifting, aggressive exercise and genetic;
  • excess fatty tissue: this can be due to weight gain or genetics;
  • fluid retention: this causes swelling that is frequently worse in the morning;
  • lipoedema / lipedema: an accumulation of fatty tissue that causes pain.

Treatment of enlarged calves will depend on the cause.

Best treatments for enlarged calves:

  • calf slimming injections: this treatment uses anti wrinkle product and is ideal for those with enlarged calf muscles. Calf slimming injections relax the enlarged muscles, leading to a reduction in their size over 4-6 weeks. This with very large calves may need to gradually slim their legs with a few treatments;
  • fat dissolving injections: this treatment can permanently reduce stubborn and unwanted fatty deposits affecting the knee, calves and ankles. It is best for small pockets of fat;
  • liposuction: calf liposuction permanently reduces unwanted fat of the calves and can also treat lipoedema. It is best for those with moderate to severe deposits of fat affecting larger areas of the calves;
  • fluid retention can be treated with compression garments, and should be investigated by your GP.

Slimming large calves due to overdeveloped muscles is a simple process. Calf slimming injections are safe and effective, and have no downtime.

Those with stubborn fat causing large calves also have a great way to slim their calves without surgery using either fat dissolving injections or liposuction.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do calf slimming injections work?

Calf slimming treatment works by using anti-wrinkle injections to weaken and relax the gastrocnemius muscle. Relaxing this muscle causes it to shrink over time, leading to slimmer calves.

This treatment is popular in people who are prone to large, muscular calves.

Do calf slimming injections work?

Yes, calf slimming injections are the best treatment available to slim the legs by shrinking overdeveloped calf muscles.

How much do calf slimming injections cost?

The cost of calf slimming injections depends on how extensive the treatment is. The average price of calf slimming treatment with anti-wrinkle injections is $1625.


Are calf slimming injections painful?

Calf slimming injections have minimal discomfort, as only tiny needles are used.

How long do calf slimming injections take?

Calf slimming treatment can be safely performed in less than ten minutes by an experienced practitioner.


Are calf slimming injections safe?

Calf slimming injections are a very safe treatment. The main risks are bruising and swelling.

Can calf slimming injections cause blood clots?

Blood clots are extremely unlikely following a correctly performed calf slimming procedure. There is some information claiming that weakening the gastrocnemius muscle leads to a reduction in leg blood flow, which may increase the risk of blood clots in the legs.

In fact, it is the deeper soleus muscle that predominantly works to pump blood from the legs back to the heart. This muscle is not treated with calf slimming injections.

Will I have leg weakness after calf slimming injections?

Some people experience a degree of leg weakness after calf slimming. This weakness resolves as the effect wears off over 5-9 months. For that reason, this treatment is not recommended in athletes, or people who have work or hobbies that require excessive physical activity.


How long until I see results from calf slimming?

Your calf slimming results will gradually become evident over 6-8 weeks and will last 5-9 months for most people.

How long do calf slimming injections last?

The results from calf slimming injections generally last from 5-9 months depending on the extent of your treatment.

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