Male Jawline

Masculinity is reflected in the strength and squareness of the jawline. Many men lack jawline definition due to the shape and size of their jawbone. Jawline sculpting with dermal fillers is a quick way to significantly improve the shape and definition of the jawline, giving it a more masculine appearance.

Jawline sculpting can:

  • Strengthen and contour a ‘weak’ jawline
  • Widen and masculinise the lower face
  • Restore definition that has been lost with age
  • Correct asymmetry

Jawline sculpting with Dr Aaron involves small injections with premium TGA approved dermal fillers.

Demand for jawline masculinisation with dermal fillers is skyrocketing amongst men. You have probably noticed more and more men with powerful and defined jawlines – chances are they have undergone masculinisation of the jawline using dermal fillers. A well defined jawline is synonymous with strength and masculinity. By contouring the lower face with jawline fillers we can improve the balance, structure and strength of the entire face and neck.

Many men are choosing to undergo jawline sculpting because they either want more definition (having seen others with this feature) and a squarer shape to their face, or because their natural jawline definition is being lost with the changes that occur with age. Ageing can cause fullness and heaviness around the jawline, and a loss of definition through skin sagging and volume loss.

Dr Aaron is the leading specialist in non surgical jawline contouring with dermal fillers. He also offers adjuvant treatments that can be combined with jawline filler for a comprehensive rejuvenation or augmentation, all without surgery. These include fat blasting injections for double chin fat, and thread lifts for sagging skin.

Jawline sculpting works through the injection of dermal fillers into strategic and key locations along the jawline. Augmenting the volume in these areas leads to a predictable improvement in the jawline shape and structure, making it look squarer and more defined. The process has minimal discomfort, and only takes around 10-15 minutes. When done by a leading jawline contouring specialist, it is a very safe procedure.

The strong jawline you want is now possible. The next step is to get in touch with Dr Aaron for a consultation. You can even go ahead with treatment on the day. If you have any questions, you can also send Dr Aaron a message personally via the website contact page.

Treatment takes approximately 15 minutes.

Prices start from $700 (Packages are available).

Results are seen immediately, and last from 12-24 months depending on the filler used and individual patient characteristics.