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Expert Temple Fillers Melbourne and Sydney

Many people don’t realise that Dermal Fillers can be injected into the temples. It is a safe treatment when done correctly, and it can improve the contour of your upper face in only minutes , making you look younger and helping you to age gracefully.

Dr. Aaron has a unique approach to volumising the temples. You will see immediate results, and can get back to your day immediately. Some treatments are planned in a way where the results get better over 3-6 months (By using Collagen Stimulating Injections).

Why Patients Choose Dr. Aaron?

Dr Aaron is an internationally trained and highly respected Cosmetic Physician with extensive experience in Cosmetic Medicine. He has pursued multiple post-graduate qualifications, and has worked in well-regarded hospitals around Australia as a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Aaron will always strive for no less than the best, and put your safety as a priority. He frequently works alongside one of Australia’s top Cosmetic Surgeons and trains other Medical Practitioners in Cosmetic Medicine around Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does temple filler work?

Temple filler involves the injection of Dermal Fillers into the temples to restore volume and treat hollowness.

Is temple filler treatment painful?

There is minimal discomfort associated with temple filler injections.

When will I see the results of my temple filler treatment?

You will see the results of your temple filler treatment immediately.

How long do temple fillers last?

In general, results will last up to 18 months.

Are temple filler injections safe?

Temple fillers are very safe, with minimal side effects.

What are the side effects of temple filler injections?

Side effects include bruising and swelling, and mild discomfort over the treated area, which will resolve over a few days.

How do I know if temple filler is right for me?

If you feel like your temples look hollow relative to your cheeks, then temple filler injections may be the ideal treatment for you.