With so much emphasis on the face, the neck often goes unaddressed until significant age related changes have begun to manifest. Excess fat and fullness, droopy tissue, and skin laxity all contribute in different magnitudes, and for non surgical treatment to be effective, treatment should commence as early as possible, with prevention as always, being the best option. The effect of gravity, plus a loss of support and volume in the face accelerates the changes here.

One may need a combination of injection lipolysis, neurotoxin, thread lifting, or energy based devices, to debulk, relax, lift and tighten the tissue.

Addressing age related changes in the neck early will also have tangible benefits in slowing facial aging, by reducing the weight and down pulling forces applied to the support structures of the face.

Dr Aaron offers all non surgical treatments listed above for the neck. Should you not be suitable for these, a review for a surgical treatment option may yield better results.