Lip augmentation is a versatile treatment, with different considerations between different ages, and genders.

Being the central focus of the lower face, shape, balance, texture and hydration are vital.
There is significant variation in lip size, shape, texture and symmetry, that can all be addressed through appropriate product selection, and a judicious technique.

Unlike other areas, a proper lip augmentation also considers how the lips feel to touch, and is a consideration frequently overlooked by both patients and practitioners. It is also important to consider the appearance of the lips on animation, again another consideration frequently overlooked.

Lip augmentation is popular for younger people as a cosmetic treatment, but the benefits outlined above also exist for others, and are best achieved with careful consideration of the lip itself (And its age related changes), and how the lips balance with the rest of the face. Treating the lips in isolation (Where rejuvenation is the goal) will not achieve a natural look. Dr Aaron will always consider the whole lower face when discussing lip augmentation or rejuvenation with you.