Being the lower limit of the face, the jawline is a key feature in aesthetics. A defined, yet feminine jawline is a cardinal feature of beauty and youth. Some unfortunately have natural features leading to a soft or poorly defined jawline, while others lose such definition with age related changes. With time, tissue starts to sag, and bone loss leads to less structural support. Changes in the neck tissue also contribute to a loss of this jawline definition, and an aged appearance.

Multimodality treatment is often the most appropriate strategy to refine and rejuvenate the jawline. Options include soft tissue dermal filler, neurotoxin, injection lipolysis (Fat Dissolving), thread lifting, and energy based devices, with the aims of strengthening structure, balancing muscles, reducing heaviness, lifting saggy tissue, and tightening loose skin.

Masculinity is often reflected in a strong and powerful jawline. Using the above treatment options but with a different approach, Dr Aaron can work towards a more masculine, and attractive lower face.