The eyes are the central focus of the face, and what are looked upon by ourselves in the mirror, and by others in our day to day lives. They (And the surrounding periorbital area) convey much information about our health, mood, and our facial aging, and are one of the most frequent areas of concern, in any aesthetic practice.

Occasionally one may lack structure around the eyes from youth (A ‘congenital’ tear trough), but changes arising from age eventually begin to affect us all. Hollowness, bags, drooping, darkness, and a sad or tired appearance are evident with age.

Changes in the periorbital area are highly complex, and often commence with volume loss in adjacent areas (Such as the cheeks and temples). Accordingly, improving this area is also challenging, and needs a comprehensive, and often a multimodality approach.

Soft tissue filler, energy based devices, neurotoxin, and in some cases surgery may all be needed in different combinations. Dr. Aaron offers these non-surgical approaches, and has colleagues with extensive experience in periorbital surgery who can provide this treatment, should it be required.