Corrective Treatments

Nothing in life is guaranteed, and even the best Cosmetic Doctors and Surgeons can have unsatisfactory outcomes. It’s all about practising in a way that maximises the chance of a great outcome, and minimises the risk of a less than ideal outcome.

Have you had botched dermal fillers, and feel uncomfortable seeing your normal cosmetic Doctor or Cosmetic Injector to fix your concerns? If so, Dr Aaron is one of Australia’s few providers of Corrective Treatments. Many patients see Dr Aaron, unhappy with Dermal Fillers they’ve had, but who are too uncomfortable to return to their practitioner. If this sounds like you, then join the many people who have been helped by Dr Aaron. Correcting botched Cosmetic Treatments may be more straightforward than you think, and can often be done in minutes with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

Correcting Botched Fillers Melbourne and Sydney

With the rapid increase in popularity of non surgical cosmetic treatments, many people are being trained in uncredentialed short courses and offering complex treatments with almost no experience. Unfortunately, this has lead to a rise in people experiencing bad looking outcomes, or even unmanaged complications that can have a real impact on your health. Dr Aaron is a Medical Doctor, and understands the stress and frustration that comes when you are unhappy with your treatment, or if you feel like there is a problem or complication that is not being properly addressed. If you are unhappy with your current provider of Cosmetic Treatments, or you are worried about treatment that you have received, then Dr Aaron is always happy to answer any questions, to provide guidance, and to provide treatment options to help.

The first step is to book an appointment, and come in for a comprehensive assessment, so that a personalised plan can be made to get you feeling confident again. Don’t waste another day feeling bothered by your appearance after botched Dermal Fillers wondering what can be done. Dr Aaron is available and happy to help. If you have any urgent concerns, then please seek medical attention at your nearest hospital.

Why Patients Choose Dr Aaron

Dr Aaron is an internationally trained and highly respected Cosmetic Physician with extensive experience in Cosmetic Medicine. He has pursued multiple post-graduate qualifications, and has worked in well-regarded hospitals around Australia as a Medical Doctor. He will always strive for no less than the best, and put your safety as a priority. He frequently works alongside one of Australia’s top Cosmetic Surgeons and trains other Medical Practitioners in Cosmetic Medicine around Australia.
§ As a Medical Doctor, Dr Aaron is trained to understand risk, and manage adverse events to a far greater degree than other health professionals. His understanding of dissolving filler means it can be done with better results, fewer treatments, and better safety.

Treatment Time

10-30 minutes depending on the procedure.

Treatment Cost

From $400 if your concern relates to a procedure done by another clinic or practitioner.

Results/Downtime/Return to Daily/Longevity

Time until resolution depends on the correction being performed.


Discomfort and downtime will vary depending on the treatment, but in general, is minimal.

How Does It Work

How do you fixed bad or botched fillers?

Treating botched fillers can be done in a number of ways. These include:

  • Doing nothing, and leaving the filler to metabolise on its own. However this may take months or even years.
  • Using energy based devices to melt the filler.
  • Dissolving the filler with small injections. This works immediately.
  • Covering the botched filler with additional filler. This has a risk of accentuating the issue, and is not often done by experienced Cosmetic Doctors.

How do you fix botched anti wrinkle injections?

Unfortunately, botched Anti Wrinkle injections cannot be undone, however they will wear off on their own over 3 or so months. Additional Anti Wrinkle injections can be used to improve the area of concern, but this is not frequently done.

The Procedure

Is dissolving filler painful?

Dissolving filler can be uncomfortable, however Dr Aaron ensures his patients have appropriate anaesthetic so that their procedure has minimal discomfort.

How long does it take for filler to dissolve naturally?

It can take months, or even years for the body to naturally break down filler. Hence Dr Aaron prefers dissolving, due to its immediate effect.


Is dissolving filler safe?

Dissolving filler is extremely safe when done by an experienced Cosmetic Doctor.

What are the risks of dissolving filler?

Bruising and swelling may occur, and resolve over a few days. There is a rare risk of allergic reactions, which may need medical treatment.