Having a Penis Enlargement in Australia? Everything you need to know.


A non surgical penis enlargement is a treatment that uses injections of dermal fillers to primarily increase the thickness of the penis shaft. It has been performed over the past two decades and is growing in popularity, awareness and acceptance due to its very high satisfaction rate.

The non surgical penis enlargement is a very popular treatment with Dr. Aaron Stanes in his penis enlargement clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia. It is a walk-in walk-out treatment that involves injections of dermal filler to the shaft and head of the penis to increase its size.

The penis enlargement goes by a number of names including:

  • penis fillers;
  • penile thickening;
  • penile enhancement;
  • non surgical phalloplasty;
  • male enlargement injections.

Some clinics have developed ‘brand’ names for the penis enlargement procedure. These treatments are done in the same way as any dermal filler penis enlargement procedure.

What can a non surgical penis enlargement with fillers help with?

Injections of dermal fillers to the penis can achieve the following:

  • increase flaccid girth;
  • increase erect girth;
  • increase flaccid length;
  • reduce shrinkage;
  • increase the size of the glans (penis head);
  • reduce sensitivity of the glans;
  • improve the appearance of penile shaft curvatures;
  • improve the appearance of Peyronie’s.

How much filler will I need to enlarge the penis?

The increase in size of your penis will depend on two things:

  1. the size of your penis before the treatment;
  2. how much dermal filler is injected.

Injected more conservative quantities of dermal filler to the penis makes it easier to get a smooth result. Men who want a more pronounced increase in the size of their penis often have the enlargement done over a few sessions.

The quantity of filler you need for your treatment will depend on how much of an increase in size you want. Generally, most men are happy with 12-15mls of HA filler in the shaft, and 4-5mls of HA filler in the head. However, this can vary. Men with a naturally larger penis will need higher quantities, and men with a naturally smaller penis will need smaller quantities. If you want a more pronounced increase in size after the area has healed, you can simply inject more with another procedure. Injecting too much filler in one session increases the risk of the filler aggregating in lumps.

“More pronounced results will require more filler. Staging larger treatments over a few sessions can help to achieve better results.”

What are the risks of having a phalloplasty with dermal filler?

While the treatment is very low risk, there are some very rare side effects of this treatment. Ensuring you attend a clinic with a doctor that specialises in penis enlargement treatments is the best way to minimise the risk of the procedure. Risks of penis fillers include:

  • filler aggregation: also known as lumps and asymmetry. These are easy to correct is a reversible filler like hyaluronic acid has been used to enhance your penis;
  • infection: this is rare but requires aggressive treatment. Ensuring the treatment is done in a sterile manner and that you take antibiotics after your treatment will minimise this risk significantly (a prescription will be given to you for the antibiotics);
  • inflammatory reactions: using foreign material in the body always has a risk of the body reacting to the material. The most common filler used to enlarge the penis is very biocompatible meaning this issue is very rare. If it does occur, you may notice pain, swelling, and very firm areas under the skin. In this case, the filler must be removed using dissolving injections (if a dissolvable filler has been used).

What types of filler are used to enlarge the penis?

There are a number of options when it comes to using filler to enlarge the penis. Dr. Stanes prefers to use a reversible filler known as HA to increase penis size. This is because if there are any side effects, they are much easier to treat.

  • HA filler: this option is reversible and temporary. Results from HA filler last 2-5 years on average, although new evidence about how long fillers last based on MRI scans shows that it may last longer than this;
  • collagen stimulating fillers: these are temporary fillers that last form 1-5 years, and are not reversible. The stimulate the production of collagen, giving more pronounced increases in size for an equivalent volume of HA filler. However, the collagen produced means that any treatments done in the future may be much more challenging, as the cannula cannot pass through the penile tissue as easily. As it isn’t reversible, complications are also a much bigger problem;
  • permanent fillers: these fillers produce the longest lasting results, but any complication may require surgery to fix. They are rarely used.
  • fat grafting: this involves injections of fat obtained by liposuction from other parts of your body. You must be a candidate for liposuction to undergo this treatment, and not all of the grafted fat may survive. The fat may also not survive evenly, meaning additional treatments may be needed.

“HA filler remains the most common and most preferred option among patients and penis enlargement doctors as it is predictable and reversible.”

How is the penis enlargement performed?

Increasing the size and thickness of the penis is a relatively straightforward procedure when done by a specialist penis enlargement clinic.

The steps involved in an appointment for penis fillers include the following:

  • a penis enlargement consultation will be conducted to determine your suitability, and answer your questions;
  • if suitable, then the treatment can go ahead;
  • the penis will first be cleaned, and then number using small injections. Numbing cream is insufficient for this procedure. Numbing injections ensure that the treatment is essentially pain free;
  • the penis will be cleaned again extensively to ensure the penis enlargement is done in a sterile manner;
  • dermal filler will be injected to the shaft of the penis using a blunt tipped cannula. The filler is injected into the fatty layer. The cannula is introduced into this layer through a small pilot hole made with a fine needle;
  • the glans (head) can be injected with a small needle to increase its size, improve its shape, and reduce its sensitivity;
  • the penis will again be cleaned extensively, and a dressing applied;
  • you will be provided with aftercare instructions, including massage to ensure an even and smooth result, and a prescription for antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

You will see immediate results from your penis enlargement. The following day, swelling may make the results look more pronounced. It is important to allow 2-4 weeks for the enlargement injections to fully heal.

How do I look after my penis following a phalloplasty with filler?

It is very straightforward to care for your new package after having penile thickening injections.

The following are the most important instructions to maximise the chance of a great result, and minimise the risk of a complication:

  1. Adhere to the massage protocol which will be given to you during your appointment;
  2. Take your post treatment medications as prescribed;
  3. Avoid sexual activity for at least ten days after your treatment;

Adhering to the post enlargement aftercare will minimise the risk of infection, filler migration and filler aggregation.

“Strict adherence to the treatment aftercare is one of the most important parts of the entire process.”

What can I do to get the best results from a phalloplasty with fillers?

When undergoing dermal fillers to penis, it is absolutely critical that you are adherent to the post treatment aftercare. Ensuring that you follow all instructions after your treatment will reduce the risk of side effects and give you the best chance of a great result. Following your penis enlargement injections, you should adhere to the following, unless otherwise advised by your penis enlargement specialist:

  • keep the area clean;
  • avoid sexual activity for at least ten days;
  • massage the area three times per day for five days, with the goal of keeping the filler evenly distributed along the shaft;
  • take your prescribed medicine as directed by your treating penis enlargement doctor. This generally involves antibiotics for a few days.

How long will my penis enlargement with filler last?

The longevity of your penis enlargement will depend on the type of dermal filler used to enhance your penis, and your own personal biological factors that cannot be predicted or controlled. For HA filler, the most common filler used to increase the size of the penis, results should last an average of 2-5 years, wearing off gradually over time.

Occasionally, the results may last a shorter amount of time than this, but maintenance treatments may help to increase the longevity. New research conducted with MRI scans of areas injected with filler are showing that fillers can last a lot longer than previously thought (in some cases beyond ten years). These are studies of fillers injected into the face, by this can be applied in principle to fillers injected to the penis as well. Importantly, there is nothing you or your penis enlargement doctor can do to improve longevity of fillers.

How often do I need to maintain the results of my non surgical penis enlargement?

This will depend on how much filler you had injected during your last penis enlargement treatment, and how long it has been since your last session. There is no rule about when to come back for maintenance treatment. Rather, you should come back when you decide that you want a more pronounced result.

If you come for maintenance treatments more frequently, then you will need less each time compared to if you space your maintenance treatments out by longer periods. Most men who have had a penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid based treatments have maintenance treatments every 2-4 years.

How much does phalloplasty cost in Australia?

The cost of your injectable penis enlargement will depend on how much filler is injected, and which type of filler is used. Generally, for HA filler penis enlargements without surgery, the starting price is $4500, and the average price is around $7500 to augment the shaft. Augmenting the head or glans will generally range from $2700-$3600.

“Enlarging the penis non surgically with fillers is one of the most effective treatment options currently available for men looking to improve how they measure up.”

About Dr. Aaron Stanes
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Dr. Aaron Stanes is an Australian trained doctor who has trained around the world in cosmetic medicine. He has a particular interest in the non surgical penis enlargement with fillers, and is a medical advisor for Teoxane, the company who produces the HA filler most commonly used to enlarge the penis in Australia. Having been trained to augment the penis with fillers by one of the world’s most eminent phalloplasty surgery specialists, Dr. Stanes has a number of key advantages that he brings to the table when providing the men of Australia with evidence-based penis enlargement treatments at his clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. He is known for his fair and calming demeanour, and for providing honest and transparent advice and guidance that allows you to make an informed decision about your treatment. Dr. Stanes always puts his patient’s interests first.

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