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Everything you need to know about Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are volumising gels that can be used to restore lost volume, add volume in areas of natural deficiency and reshape facial features. Dermal fillers are temporary and reversible. Longevity is said to be between 6 and 18 months depending on the product type and personal biological characteristics that cannot be predicted or controlled. Despite this, it is generally accepted that the longevity of fillers is unpredictable. Rarely, they may be metabolised by the […]

Cosmetic Injections with Dr. Aaron Stanes

Anti wrinkle injections : Anti Sweat Injections : Facial Slimming Injections : Calf Slimming Injections Using injections of muscle-relaxant, wrinkle can be softened, sweating can be prevented and muscles can be slimmed (typically the face, calves and neck). Treatment works by interrupting the communication between nerves and their target destination (generally muscles or sweat glands). There is also some evidence to suggest that it may interrupt communication with oil glands as well.

Collagen Stimulating Injections with Dr. Aaron Stanes

Collagen Stimulating Injections are a type of dermal filler. Depending on the type, they can add immediate volume and all will lead to the production of collagen over 3-6 months. Collagen is a structural protein that gives the facial tissues a youthful quality. Collagen can last for many years after the filler has been broken down by the body. Collagen stimulating injections are temporary and irreversible – a key feature that differentiates them from dermal […]