Multimodality and Tailored Treatment

A combination of diet, exercise, and home skin care provides a strong foundation. Dermal therapies work to retain and condition skin integrity. Neurotoxin can soften lines, prevent their progression, improve imbalance, and also have tangible health benefits for headaches and teeth grinding in select cases. Soft tissue dermal fillers and thread lifting can contour and rejuvenate the face as a whole, and energy based devices can provide the finishing touch in rejuvenation and maintenance of a youthful appearance.

Treatment modalities are merely tools, and each has a role to play. The most important consideration is to use the right tool, for the right concern, and to have a protocol and plan to maintain and tailor your treatment as your needs and goals mature over time. This is where Dr Aaron excels. He will work with you, to develop a tailored strategy and protocol so that you can look and feel your best, and continue looking young and fresh moving forward.

Life Defined

Confidence and self-esteem are crucial, and shared experiences with those important to you will allow you to flourish into adulthood, with meaning and satisfaction.

There are challenges, especially when you see progression in your friends and colleagues, in remaining steadfast, and moving forward in both your social and professional life. You want and deserve to be noticed and appreciated, and live with confidence, and it starts with self-care.

Diet and exercise are vital, as is positivity and balance, and these are considerations that become routine and a part of your lifestyle. Your face is defined by its youth. Your skin is radiant, with an abundance of high quality collagen and elastin (The fundamental key to a youthful and defined appearance).

Age Related Changes and Goals

Despite your proactivity in self-care, small aesthetic concerns may remain due to structural features and physiological processes beneath the skin. With time, your face may also begin to show early signs of ageing. Hollow under-eyes, and fine lines and wrinkles may emerge. An irregular nose contour, proportionally small lips, or a lack of definition in the chin and jawline may impact your confidence.

Many of these aesthetic concerns can be addressed with safe, no downtime treatments, that are becoming commonplace and acceptable within peer groups. Subtle facial refinement, and the prevention of age related changes are all appropriate, when done with consideration and care. Contours can be sharpened, lines reduced and eliminated (And their progression slowed), hollowness can be softened, and facial proportions harmonised and balanced. Skill and experience is critical – you want and deserve the best service and treatment. Your education about what is achievable is vital, as synergistic treatments done over time will yield far superior results, and give you a confidence and satisfaction that you can carry into your thirties.

What can be offered?

Facial proportions are an important consideration often overlooked. Fixation on subtle, isolated concerns has, and continues to lead to poor results, and long term dissatisfaction. Dr Aaron prides himself on working with you as an individual, and in developing a tailored approach to your treatment that works with your goals and lifestyle, and achieves harmony and balance. Treatment synergism is always superior, and reliably produces natural results that suit your face, helping you to look refined and refreshed, and feel rejuvenated and confident.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Aaron?

Dr. Aaron is an internationally trained and highly respected Cosmetic Physician with extensive experience in Cosmetic Medicine. He has pursued multiple post-graduate qualifications, and has worked in well-regarded hospitals around Australia as a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Aaron will always strive for no less than the best, and put your safety as a priority. He frequently works alongside one of Australia’s top Cosmetic Surgeons and trains other Medical Practitioners in Cosmetic Medicine around Australia.