male anti ageing patient

Life Defined

You are important to many people in your life. Friends and family look to you for guidance and support, and you have, do, and will continue to work hard to support and care for those important to you. Success in your professional and personal life matters, and you need to be at your best so that your hard work is recognised and rewarded. Confidence is reflected in this recognition, and to support others, you should and do place yourself as a priority. A strong and passionate approach to life by you, will radiate to and influence others, and in turn give you satisfaction and fulfilment. You are often busy, with work and life, and trying to leave time for self-care through diet, exercise and interests. Though your efforts and hard work lead to progression and results, time still takes its toll on your appearance. Skin quality declines, and your masculine features weaken as changes in the bone, muscle, and fat of the face progress from your twenties.

Time is important to you; you understand it’s value, and you are results driven in your choices. You need something tangible, something that works, and something that can fit in to your schedule. Many men like you have already taken steps beyond home skin care, grooming, exercise and diet to rejuvenate and maintain their appearance in a natural way, with medical treatments that are becoming more and more commonplace, and acceptable.

Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic medical treatments performed by a knowledgeable and skilled Medical Doctor can satisfy your needs. Lines can be softened (Neurotoxin), and features masculine and sharpened (Dermal filler), without looking fake or unnatural. Subtlety is key, and having a the right treatments, done in the right way can refresh your appearance, and restore and boost your confidence in the work place, and at home with friends and family. Your youthful and strong appearance can also be maintained through preventative treatments (Such as those above), as well as with energy based devices to promote collagen production (A key structural protein of the face), and improve your skin condition. Treatments can directly improve a tired appearance (Common amongst those who lead busy lives), and jawline definition can be restored by resorting volume loss and lifting sagging tissue with threads.

These treatments are not about vanity, they are about self satisfaction and confidence, so that you can lead a positive life full of success, that radiates to and improves the lives of those you care about. Our female counterparts understand the importance of self care, and with changes societal norms, men now have the opportunity to enjoy a service with proven and tangible benefits without concern of judgement by their peers.