Life Defined

Your forties are a time of introspection. With maturity comes perspective on the importance your wellbeing has on your successes (Both professional and personal). A complete sense of self and meaning emerge from your experiences, and you feel the payoff and reward from your endeavours beginning to materialise. With this maturity, signs of ageing begin to accelerate. Skin quality is affected with lines and wrinkles becoming deeper, and pigmentation may begin to emerge. Changes in your facial structures are becoming more obvious, and you may look more tired or older than you feel. Tissue sagging is also becoming more obvious, and you may notice this around the jawline and neck. These changes don’t align with how you feel, and your inner sense of fulfilment.

Through experience, you know the benefit self-care can have on your energy, wellbeing, and appearance. Looking your best is often a reflection of how well you have cared for yourself, and this is noticed by others around you. You have earned the right to look and feel your best, and to age gracefully.

Big social events are frequent, and your busy lifestyle means you need evidenced based medical treatments that get the job done, and that don’t leave you out of action for days at a time. Targeted treatment synergy can be applied to restore what you have lost with time, and refine features that can harmonise the face. The goal is not to look 20, but to look young, healthy, rested, and age appropriate.

Collagen is critical for you. Its loss leads to structural weakening of facial tissue, thus the most effective treatments aim at restoring this. Special types of soft tissue dermal filler, thread lifting, and energy based devices are efficacious options, that also have other tangible benefits that directly target volume loss, tissue sag, and skin quality directly. Safety is paramount, as are results, which come from a deep understanding of ageing, and the treatments designed to address them. Dr Aaron not only considers these factors, but also how the treatments can complement each other. His philosophy is to respect the anatomy and physiology of the ageing face, and to use targeted and appropriate modalities to effectively manage the causes of these changes.

Your forties are a time where prevention is still important, but restoration will yield a greater (Yet still natural) transformation. The goal is to look as you did 5-10 years ago, and to carry this forward for the next 5-10 years.