Life Defined

Your fifties are a time of reflection. With time you have developed wisdom, and can see how your decisions and choices have shaped your life, and the life of those close to you. It is a time when your efforts of self-care begin to yield their benefits. Your skin and tissue quality, along with your general health and wellbeing will mirror the time you have given yourself in years past. Hormonal changes and time, unfortunately unavoidable, will manifest in your appearance. Tissue sags further as the supportive fat and bone shrink. Further collagen is lost, at a faster rate than in earlier years, with softening and a decline in quality. Lines become deeper, and the youthful harmony and balance of your face once enjoyed, becomes disproportioned.

Restorative based treatments become paramount. You still are young, and have some of the best year of your life ahead of you. Social events and outings, and travel are becoming more frequent, and after dedicating your life to others (Family and friends included), you are beginning to have time and energy to put back into yourself once again. You have earned the right to, and deserve to look and feel your best.

You need evidenced based treatments that work, and experienced and skilled Anti-ageing Medical Practitioners to perform them. They must be done in the right way, in the right amount, in the right combination, and at the right time, to ensure you have a global, and natural rejuvenation, that helps you look great for your age, and boost your confidence and satisfaction.

Collagen promoting treatments become more important, with volume restoration (Using collagen stimulating fillers), and thread lifting (With Collagen stimulating Silhouette Soft) mainstays in many cases. Energy based devices play a more crucial role in improving skin quality, texture, and tone, and adjuvant therapies (Including surgical options) are often worth considering, in combination with non-surgical approaches.

Dr Aaron approaches facial rejuvenation and restoration with consideration, and personalisation. Safe treatments, done with synergism will yield natural and elegant results. Care is placed on ensuring your understanding, and in providing an upfront and honest opinion regarding the most suitable strategy towards your anti-ageing treatment.